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Life is YOUR adventure. Live it.

It’s your adventure. Live it.

Your dreams are big and bold, right? We want you to live them! We’re Stephen & Jane, adventurers and yoga nerds. We’ll help you discover the courage and clarity to live your OWN adventures.

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Just announced! Stephen’s Spring 2016 Adventure Yoga tour!


Adventure begins in your heart, at OM. Yoga can help you find the courage and clarity to live your OWN adventures.


Adventure doesn’t have to involve travel, but we love it when it does. Learn how to create your own travel adventures.


You are the company you keep. Find support, advice, and friendship in our community of ass-kicking adventure-seekers.

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How to Transform Your Vision into Reality. You CAN Do It!

Until you take the steps to transform your vision into reality, your life vision is just a glossy, sparkly dream, which is nice to look at but disappears (just like the Star Destroyer in the 3D version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens) when you reach out to touch it. When you first sat down […]

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Are You the Hero of Your Life?

In movies, books, and legends, heroes often find themselves pulled into unexpected adventures, through no choice of their own. I used to think that real life worked that way, too. I thought I had to sit around and wait until someone asked me to be the hero of my life. Not true! Sitting around waiting […]

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5 Fabulous Tools to Help Create a Vision for Your Life

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to create a vision for your life. The idea of creating a life vision can run dangerously close to the hokey world of The Secret (sorry, The Secret fans, but seriously?). So let’s just make it clear at the outset that we’re not talking about wishing for […]

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Dealing with Uncertainty: Planning Our Adventures in 2016

Traditionally, I have not been great at goal setting, which is probably why I drifted through most of my twenties and thirties, going where the wind took me. While that approach resulted in some interesting diversions, it’s probably not the best way to make your dreams into reality. For the past few weeks, Stephen and […]

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How to Start Meditating: Join the 7-Day Meditation Kick Start

We’ve been diving deep into meditation this month. But just what does meditation have to do with living an unconventional life? What does it have to do with living your own adventure? Here are a few quick answers: Meditation reduces stress and helps you handle stressful situations more easily. We’re not gonna lie – living […]

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