Our bike trip is over, but new adventures await. Stephen is now in Europe & Jane is in Canada.

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In which we document the joys and trials of travelling by bike.

Vignette: The Hall Of Mosses


16.10.14 I am circled by giants who moan and creak above me. Thick sleeves of pale green moss dangle from their arms and faces, adding to their ghostly air. The rain splat splats on the forest floor. My shoes squelch with each step on the spongy trail. The dazzlingly clear…

Grateful Photo #291


Crossing the Tillamook Cheese Factory off my bucket list.  ♥

Road Tripping v Cycle Touring

If this was a cycle tour, today’s weather would call for snuggling up in bed, watching the storm pass through the hotel window. But I have a car, so it’s sad country songs on the radio and the open road in front of me.  ♥ Did you like this post? Please…