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If you’re aching to break out of your comfort zone, we’re here to help. If you’re longing for the challenges, triumphs, and experiences that come with adventure travel, you’re in the right place.

We’re Stephen and Jane. During the past decade, we’ve been living our lives as an adventure, cycling, hiking, camping, and exploring the world. We’ll help you do it, too.

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Here’s Your Complete Pre-Travel Downsizing Guide

I’m not going to lie. If you want to pack up your life and take off around the world, there’s a lot to be done beforehand. It’s hard work to get everything slotted away so you can go away worry free. Downsizing takes planning, dedication and organization. I am a consummate organizer. Lists, timelines, and […]

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How to Save Money for Travel the Grown-Up Way

If you’re a wannabe traveller or already a traveller, you’ve probably heard all the little tips out there for saving money. Cut down on your Starbucks runs, pack a lunch for work, cut your cable bill… These tips are fine and they can be an essential part of saving money for travel. But, as grown-ups, […]

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Busses, Planes, and Trains: How to Get Around While Travelling

Deciding how to get around is a huge part of trip planning. Transportation choices can make or break your budget and can also lead to some amazing (and very strange) experiences. Your chosen transport also defines how quickly you will go, so it will impact, and be impacted by, the places you want to see. […]

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Vancouver bike routes, Stanley Park Seawall

3 Unbelievably Gorgeous Vancouver Bike Routes

During the last few years, Vancouver’s cycling culture has leapt into the future, partly spurred on by Olympics-inspired infrastructure surpassing most cities we have visited. In response, the popularity of cycling has taken off like wildfire. (Wildfire is also very prevalent around Vancouver.) Vancouver has separated bike routes that will take you safely through the […]

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17 Reasons To Visit Vancouver This Summer

1. Bike Culture We’ve had a lot of unforgettable days cycling around the world, but Vancouver is one of the best biking cities we’ve experienced. For a start, the infrastructure is amazing. There are plenty of dedicated bikeways, fully separated from the streets, and there are bike lights at busy intersections. On streets where the […]

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Kayaking in the Broken Group Islands, BC, Canada

Adventure alert! Stephen and I are leaving within the hour to spend a week kayaking in the Broken Group Islands, one of the most stunning playgrounds in the world, for humans and marine wildlife alike. What will we see when we’re there? Undoubtedly there will be jaw-dropping views, giant trees, and sunsets like we’ve never […]

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Bike Touring In Croatia →

Adriatic Islands, Historic Cities, and Inland Lakes

Laos By Bike And Boat →

Mountain Villages, Sophisticated Cities, and The Iconic Mekong

Bicycle Touring In Italy →

Hill Towns, Heavenly Food, and Adriatic Beaches

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