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Laos By Bike And Boat

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Destinations & Trips

Bicycle Touring in Vietnam →

Wondrous Ha Long, Bustling Ha Noi, and Isolated Annamites

Bicycle Touring In Croatia →

Adriatic Islands, Historic Cities, and Inland Lakes

Laos By Bike And Boat →

Mountain Villages, Sophisticated Cities, and The Iconic Mekong

Bicycle Touring In Slovenia →

Meandering Rivers, Idyllic Plains, and Hot Springs

Bicycle Touring In Cambodia →

Eco-Tourism, Isolated Islands, and Astonishing Angkor

Bicycle Touring In Italy →

Hill Towns, Heavenly Food, and Adriatic Beaches

Travel Tips & How-Tos

Everything I Know About Travel I Learned From A Room With A View

Have you ever felt out of control of your own travels, pulled from town to town and sight to sight by some unseen force, meeting only other tourists, seeing only what you’re “supposed” to see? You’re not the only one; I’ve been there and it is brutal. It would seem easy to blame our modern […]

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Your 5 Best Excuses Not To Travel, Busted

Back in bygone ages, when I was not yet 30, I remember having a conversation with a musician friend. His band was pretty successful, enough so that his job title was Rock Star. Somehow, we ended up discussing my goals. (This was odd since Rock Stars usually only talk about themselves.) “What do you want […]

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Croatia Travel Photos

11 Travel Destinations I Can’t Wait To See Again

There’s one thing that almost everyone asks me about my recent travels. What was your favourite country? Obviously, I can never choose just one, so here are 11 travel destinations I can’t wait to see again. Croatia With an abundance of walled cities overlooking the stirring Adriatic coastline, the romance of Croatia continually calls to […]

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How To Set Goals That Stretch

You’ve heard of setting stretch goals, right? A stretch goal, usually used in the world of corporate goal-setting, is a goal that’s so big, it’s nearly impossible – if you reeeeally stretch, you might just get there. Stretch goals are supposed to be this great carrot, urging you on to ever more and more productivity. […]

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An Expert’s Guide to Quitting Your Job

If you’re going to embark on long-term travel, or any life-changing dream-chasing scenario, there will come a time when you may need to quit your job. It might not something to brag about, but I have quit more jobs than most people hold in a lifetime. I am an expert quitter. I have also quit […]

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Gelato Sign

The Secret To Making The Right Decision Every Time

The decision to trade life as you know it for an open-ended trip around the world is a biggie. Actually, let’s upgrade that to a huge-y. It looms in front of you like a razor-wire-topped wall, the only thing standing between you and the rest of your life. If you choose adventure, there are a […]

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