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Please Don’t Travel

I’m about to let you in on a secret that every traveller knows (but will never tell you). We want you to stay home. That’s right, even though we share tips on My Five Acres about getting out and living a life less ordinary, in reality, we want you to stay right where you are. […]

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How To Ease Into Adventure Travel

“I don’t think adventure travel is for me. I like reading about other people’s adventures, but at my age/weight/level of health/number of kids it’s just never going to happen. I doubt I’d even like it, and besides, I couldn’t go that long without blow-drying my hair.” Are you slowly nodding your head in agreement right […]

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11 Travel Mistakes We Made and How to Avoid Them

Is there any such thing as a “mistake” when you’re travelling? Or is every bump in the road just another lesson to learn, another opportunity for adventure? If there are mistakes, we have made most of them. These are the top 11 mistakes we made on our 2-year cycle trip – with tips on how […]

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Torino Italy, Turin Italy, day trip to Torino, day trip to Turin

Day Trip To Turin, Italy

Turin is most famous for a ratty piece of off-white fabric. So when you visit, obviously you’re going to skip the famous shroud. Your time can be better spent wandering the glorious collonades, enjoying the world’s best collection of Egyptian artifacts, riding in a floating elevator, and getting neck cramps from viewing all of the […]

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Share Your Hidden Gems Around the World

The best travel tales are never about that rare painting you lined up for hours to see or the ancient monument you gazed upon with hundreds of other people crowded around. The best moments come as little unexpected treats. It’s that cozy deli you stumble upon when lost in the backstreets of a foreign city, […]

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Sunshine Coast Bike Tour, Denman Island to Nanaimo

My camping mattress has started leaking air, turning last night’s sleep into an uncomfortably cold marathon of tossing and turning. Before I woke up this morning, I already knew I wanted to sleep in my own bed tonight. Since it’s about 90km from here to Nanaimo, I had to mentally prepared myself for a longer […]

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