About My Five Acres

Adventure travel for grown-ups

You’re stuck in a rut.

Some days it seems so deep you can’t even see what’s on the outside. Other days, you catch a tiny glimpse of what life could be. You can almost see yourself in some exotic place, facing down challenges, revelling in triumphs, and thrilling to the small things that make your heart beat a little faster.

If only you could figure out how to get there.

That’s where we come in. My Five Acres is your guide, your mentor, and your confidante all rolled into one. We’ll help you clear out your old life, so you have the time, the energy, and the courage to chase after those travel dreams, full speed ahead.

Is This Site For You?

If any of this rings true, we can help.

  • You feel too old for adventure.
  • Your life is too damn complicated for any kind of excitement.
  • You feel stuck in a life you accidentally created.
  • You want to see the world, but don’t know how to start.
  • Your comfort zone feels like a prison.
  • You don’t care about “success”, you just want to be happy.

Don’t worry, we’ve been right where you are now.

We meet hundreds of new people every year. Over and over again we hear these five little words:

“I wish I could travel!”

The truth is, you can.

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On My Five Acres, we help you figure out how.

  • How can I find time to plan a trip?
  • How can I save enough money?
  • How can I go anywhere when I have so many responsibilities?
  • How can I make the leap from a “normal” life to a life of travel?
  • How do I even begin?

We also like to write about our travels, which we hope will give you the inspiration to get off the couch and the door.

Who Are We?

We’reHungary-Pecs-6 Stephen and Jane. Between us, we’ve lived in London, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Geneva, Chamonix, and Oslo. We spent the last couple of years cycling the back roads of 22 countries across Eastern Europe and Asia. We’ve also camped in Portugal, kayaked in Canada, and slept under the stars in the Sahara. We’ve hiked in Norway, sailed in Turkey, and climbed sand dunes in Jordan, too.

But we’ve experienced our share of doldrums as well.

We wasted years working jobs where we were under-paid and under-appreciated, surrounded by people who didn’t share our values, just so we could pay the hefty mortgage on our house.

Some days, our life weighed us down so much it was hard to even get out of bed.

Now, we’ve cut our monthly spending to about 15% of what it used to be and we are pursuing what we love to do – travel! Despite being all grown up (here’s to our fabulous 40s), we don’t have life totally figured out yet, but we do have a few tricks up our sleeves that we want to share with you.

We’re committed to sustainable, inexpensive travel. We like to bike instead of fly and take the subway instead of hailing a cab. You won’t catch us in luxury resorts or eating at Michelin-starred restaurants. But neither will you see us bedding down in a flea-pit hostel just to save a few bucks.

We try to experience life among the locals, no matter where we go.

Being a total yoga nerd, Stephen teaches while we travel and frequently travels to teach. Jane uses her writing, photography and design skills to create stunning web content (and to make ends meet).

And, of course, we are always travelling, thinking about travel, or writing about how it can change your life (forever).

Want to travel but don’t know where to start? The Travel Planner’s Cheat Sheet is your personal guide to travel →

What Do We Mean by Adventure Travel for Grown-Ups?

Let’s start with Adventure Travel. To us, adventure travel is any kind of travel that bumps you out of your comfort zone, takes you to places that tourists don’t usually see, and lets you meet the locals (and spend your money with them, too). Adventure travel doesn’t have to involve big adrenalin-junkie stunts. In fact, we kind of think those fake, high-priced adventures are lame. Finally, you don’t have to go very far or for very long; adventure can be found right outside your front door.

Now, what about these Grown-Ups? Usually, adventure travel is seen as something for kids with giant backpacks and small budgets. But we don’t think the fun should end just because you’re not 22 anymore. Reaching 40 shouldn’t mean giving up on your dreams.

If you want to experience more than just a depressing rut between now and retirement, let’s get started →

What the heck does My Five Acres mean?

There’s a finite amount of land in the world. If you divided it equally between all the people on earth, we’d each get about five acres (2 hectares) to supply all of our food, clothing, houses, electricity… everything. Right now, in the Western world, we each use almost 5 times that. My Five Acres is a reminder to tread lightly, whether we’re across the globe or right at home.

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