Beer, Yoga, Namaste: What A Great Day

May 7, 2013

1435 km so far.

We have discovered that hardly anybody we know knows anything about Ljubljana. We love this city! It’s the first place we’ve felt we could stay for a while; our first impressions have been great.

For a start, there is great coffee at Cafetino, great beer by Human Fish Brewery, and great food at Namaste, MoySushi, and all the bio / health food stores in town. There is also yoga! Hurrah. We took a vinyasa class this evening at City Yoga – it felt so great to be back on the mat and in the welcoming, familiar environment of a yoga studio. Thank you Urša!

There is also a maze of bike paths that runs throughout the city, making cycling by far the best way to get around. Great to see that the people who live here make great use of them.

The daily market, riverside restaurants and bars, graffiti’d walls, and huge city centre park all add to Ljubljana’s charm.

Here, see for yourself.

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That’s Ljubljana for you. Come visit.  

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