Shot From All Angles

December 4, 2013

8,008 km so far.

With just enough energy to feed myself and get out to take a few photos, there’s not much to tell, unless you want a detailed description of the ceiling in our hostel room, or my reactions to the first half of Season 1 of Six Feet Under, which I am watching for the first time.

Assuming you don’t want to read about either of those things, let’s hop right into today’s photo assignment.

The project today was to take 10 different shots of each subject I chose. It really got my brain jumping away from the obvious picture, and thinking of creative ways to look at things. The resulting photos are not spectacular, but I expect this exercise will influence all my future shooting.

I always love shooting trees, but too often end up with the same branches-against-the-sky view.

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Full disclosure on this next one. I took the picture of the building first, then decided the cones might make a good subject.

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For weeks, I’ve been trying to take a decent photo of the metal accordion gates that are everywhere here. These ones are interesting, but I still don’t think I’ve captured the essence of “Chinese gate”.

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I’m not sure if this was an abandoned chair, or someone’s outdoor seat, but I bet after I stopped to take 10 pictures of it, bystanders were all like “Man, that chair must be valuable. I think I’ll try and sell it on eBay.”

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These ended up being my favourite pictures of the day. Tomorrow I struggle with the colour purple.  

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