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Kids of Angkor

Before visiting Angkor, we had heard many tales about the children at the site. They are, so the story goes, as ever-present as mosquitos on the Mekong, aggressively selling trinkets and postcards to all comers. We mentally prepared ourselves for this feature of Angkor, knowing that these little faces begging us to part with “just […]

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Angkor Temples: Angkor Wat & Banteay Kdei

Angkor Wat for sunrise is a bucket list classic. Everyone who’s done it says it’s monumental; everyone who hasn’t done it wants to. My desire to get there for sunrise today was purely photographic. I wanted to be on the Angkor grounds, at some secondary temple, or roaming the roads, during the first golden light […]

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Angkor Temples: Too Early To Rise

12,621 km so far. Me: “Seriously, what time is it?” Jane: “5am.” Crap. I hate Angkor Wat. The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow OK, I don’t hate Angkor Wat. I am just not a morning person. But, we are in Siem Reap and the thing you do here is get up really early and go to […]

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Water Water Everywhere

12,585 km so far. Before you read this post, go get a glass of water. Hydration is important folks! Hop to. I’m waiting… OK. How long did that take? 15 seconds? 20? Great. Now look into that glass. I bet you’re staring into a lovely clear glass of water. You’re probably not wondering if it’s […]

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Lotus Pond

12,585 km so far. The car rolls past a small opening in the trees, and I can see two naga, seven-headed snake sculptures, 100 feet back from the road. They form the ends of a stone walkway that leads into the jungle. “We must be here,” I think to myself, moments before the car stops. […]

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The Big Market

12,585 km so far. The one problem with getting up early to go cycling is that, even on our days off, I can’t sleep in. I have been awake since 5:30, so to avoid waking Stephen, I slip quietly out of the room. There is a local market just a few minutes from our hotel, […]

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Angkors Away

11,380 km so far. Most of the people we have met in Thailand who are travelling have already been to Angkor Wat, or are headed there soon. Since none of them are riding their bikes, they were either at Angkor Wat just a few days ago, or will be there in a couple of days […]

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