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Huffington Post: The Nasty Truth About Animal Tourism in Thailand

Jane’s latest for the Huffington Post. Meet the wild animals who work for tourists in Thailand.   ♥ [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it!

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Elephants We Will Never Forget

11,301 km so far. Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary and home for 37 elephants just north of Chiang Mai. The elephants have been rescued from captivity after having been forced to work as performers for tourists, street beggars, and beasts of burden in the logging industry. Our visit today was one more day we […]

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Down For The Count

It’s been years since a cold has laid me out quite so completely. In LA, colds usually lasted about 24 hours. I’d feel one coming on, take the day off to lie out in the sun, and then the next day, it would be gone. Perhaps if I could have had a restful sunny LA […]

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Ancient City Luxury

After almost 100 km of riding yesterday, I was pretty tired. So I took advantage of our day without travel and slept in. Luxury. I slept so hard Jane actually had to wake me at 9:30 so we could get on with our day. She had already been up for a while, busily planning our […]

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You Are Who You Are

6327 km so far. When you’re following a well-established international bike trail, like the Berlin-Copenhagen route, there are few decisions that have to be made. You can just ride along, following the signs, not really being aware of more than each turn as it comes. However, the way we do it, we check the map […]

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Caged Chickens In Syria

Should I Eat This? Part 6: Eggs & Dairy

Lots of people are quite happy to imagine going meatless. But when it comes to dairy products, they would rather lose an eye than lose eggs, cheese, and milk from their diets. True, eggs and dairy pack a nutritional punch; they are a great source of calcium and protein. They are also a great source […]

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