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Sick And Tired

14,278 km so far. It had to happen sooner or later: Jane and I are sick. Lots of people around us have been coughing, sneezing, and sniffling the past few weeks, and yesterday we both woke up with sore throats. Then, last night, our old friend was back, visiting Jane. Yes, on top of some […]

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Sihanoukville In Pictures

It is low season in Cambodia, and the beaches are almost deserted in Sihanoukville, even though it’s perfect beach weather. A few tourists were around, making the most of the otherwise empty beach. Hawkers, restauranteurs, guesthouse owners, and moto drivers were ready and waiting. Looks like they’ll have to wait a few more months for […]

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A Short Poem About Jellyfish and Kittens

13,260 km so far. The day trickled past. There were naps taken, meals eaten, books read, and one nasty jellyfish sting suffered by Stephen. Shots were drunk five at a time. But not by us. Then to bed in an open-air bungalow, the weak sea breeze like an anaemic kitten, licking our salty skin.  ♥ [hr] […]

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Beach Bums

8,984 km so far. It wasn’t enough the hotel had been crawling with screaming children last night. While Jane tried to sleep this morning, the hotel staff decided to have a shouting match outside our room. They may have just been discussing the weather, but from the sound of it you’d be forgiven for thinking […]

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A Day On My Own

8,879 km so far. Jane spent most of the day in bed, but the good news is she is feeling quite a bit better. While she slept the morning away I took care of a few chores. Mr. Clean Jane’s bike has been squeaking, mostly I suspect because she isn’t as OCD about cleaning it […]

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