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Looking Back: Drink Beer, And You’ll Be Alright

15,734 km so far. For your listening pleasure, Chris T-T, Drink Beer (from the album The 253). Turn it up loud as you read this blog post about some of the best beer in the world. HumanFish Brewing, Vrhnika, Slovenia Matthew Charlesworth is brewing the finest beer I had on my entire trip. In a […]

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Breakfast And Beer

10,187 km so far. All you can eat breakfast is quite something. As a hungry cycle tourist I made the most of it this morning, having four breakfasts in 90 minutes. The coffee was syrupy and roasted beyond all enjoyment, and the orange juice was sickly sweet sugar water, but the mango juice was fresh, […]

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Stag Dos and Don’ts

What happens on a bachelor party stays on a bachelor party. So, with this in mind, I give you a heavily edited rundown of my weekend. This will be a short post… James is one of my best friends, and was one of my first new friends when I moved to London in 1998. Jane’s […]

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Surprise, We’re In Baja!

2101 km so far. And here you thought I meant California. Hungary has its own Baja, which sadly isn’t quite as sun-baked and sandy as California’s. Myth Busters When we were in Pécs, we asked Mirko about the EuroVelo 6 and he replied, “I think that’s more of a myth.” We’d also read blogs written […]

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Beer, Yoga, Namaste: What A Great Day

1435 km so far. We have discovered that hardly anybody we know knows anything about Ljubljana. We love this city! It’s the first place we’ve felt we could stay for a while; our first impressions have been great. For a start, there is great coffee at Cafetino, great beer by Human Fish Brewery, and great […]

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Human Fish Saves The Day

1435 km so far. I am sick of lager. And pilsner. I knew when we headed out on this trip I would end up drinking a lot of light (in colour and taste) beer, because we are in the land of light beer. While living in England for almost a decade I fell in love […]

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Beefless stew

Vegan Weekend: Beefless Beer Broth Stew

When I was a kid, I wasn’t into chips or chocolate or hot dogs, like a normal child. I adored, loved, craved, and dreamed about one meal: beef stew. My mom would prep the ingredients first thing in the morning while my siblings and I swirled around her, getting our breakfasts and bag lunches ready […]

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