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How To Find Yourself (and Make the Most out of Being Lost)

When you’re travelling, if you’re having any sort of adventure at all, you will get lost. It’s inevitable. It’s easy to get lost in life, too. Even if you’re a grown-up, one minute you can be wandering along blissfully through your life and suddenly you don’t have any idea how you got where you are. […]

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Sunshine Coast Bike Tour, Hornby Island

If you take a look at a map of the Sunshine Coast region, you’ll see the drowned valleys and small islands that are markers of a submergent coastline: one where the sea level has risen to overtake the land. In other words, lots of ferries are needed to get around. Including two rides on the […]

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Gibsons BC, Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Bike Tour

In two days, I’m leaving for a week-long solo bike tour. Surprise! The route starts out my front door and takes me in a loop from Nanaimo to Vancouver, then up the Sunshine Coast and back down to Nanaimo on the east side of Vancouver Island. Here’s the rough map for my Sunshine Coast Bike […]

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11 Photos Of Cambodia To Warm You On A Cold Winter’s Night

Most people think that the only thing to see in Cambodia is Angkor Wat. But there is so much more to this vibrant and welcoming country. Cambodia’s south coast is an unmissable destination, with crystal blue seas dotted with tiny tropical islands and an awe-inspiring jungle filled with rare animal species and stunning waterfalls. We […]

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If this was a cycle tour, today’s weather would call for snuggling up in bed, watching the storm pass through the hotel window. But I have a car, so it’s sad country songs on the radio and the open road in front of me.  

The Next Episode

15,775 km total. Even though we have spent almost one month in and around Ubud, barely cycling 70 km over four weeks, I have been putting off allowing myself to mentally declare our bike trip over. Now that I am on a plane, flying to Hong Kong without my bicycle, and without Jane, I guess […]

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A Note Of Finality

15,775 km total. Even though this won’t be the last blog we post on My Five Acres, I still feel the need to wrap up our trip with one final, mind-blowing post, encapsulating the lessons we learned on our trip, the effects it has had on our souls, and the meaning of life, the universe, […]

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The Bike Touring Survival Guide 2nd Edition

The book that helped us go from dreaming to actually doing a bike trip is now in its 2nd Edition. If you have ever thought about taking a bike tour, The Bike Touring Survival Guide, by Friedel and Andrew of Travelling Two is the place to start. They even have a quote from us inside, […]

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Shots From Nusa Penida

I was going to write a post about how Ubud is not the paradise many people claim it to be (too much traffic! too many tourists!). Then I decided it would be better to share our photos from Nusa Penida, an island not far off the coast of Bali which is pretty heavenly. Here’s a […]

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Fever In, Fever Out

This final month of our trip, we had planned to explore Bali and its surrounds, to practice yoga daily, to cook delicious meals, to take photos and to write. We had planned to rest. Plans are just an invitation for the universe to fu** with you. Instead, we got dengue fever. Yep, we both got […]

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