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Dang, I’m Gonna Miss LA

When we left London 7 years ago, I was sooo over it. The rain, the pubs, the tube, the fashionistas with no fashion sense, the downtrodden masses… ugh. We moved to LA for the sunny optimism and fake happiness everyone displays here. We thought we’d stay here for a year, tops. But our love affair […]

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Covered Wagon

The Only Thing We Have To Fear

At the beginning of Little House on the Prairie, Pa and Ma load Mary, Laura, and baby Carrie into their covered wagon and drive out onto the prairie. They drive until there are no more trails – and then they drive some more. Eventually, in the middle of nowhere, they find a decent-looking spot and […]

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When Is a River Not a River?

Maybe people in cities with real rivers feel sorry for us Angelenos. But I think this glorified culvert is a perfectly pleasant place to spend the day.  ♥

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Mistrust All Enterprises That Require New Clothes

Mistrust all enterprises that require new clothes. I have always wholeheartedly agreed with that sentiment (originally from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden) since I first came across it in my all-time favorite book, A Room With A View. Even as a teenager, I hated going shopping for clothes. It wasn’t that I was self-conscious or worried […]

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Perfect First Ride

Distance 21.22 miles Last Saturday we picked up our bikes from an LBS (that’s Local Bike Shop in cyclist lingo) in Santa Monica. So our first outing on the bikes was along the much-filmed Santa Monica beach bike path, where the glamorous, the tourists, and the homeless go to rub shoulders. If you’ve ever been […]

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Travel Books

Can You See The World Without Destroying It?

Next year, a chapter in my life is drawing to a close. Partly out of necessity and partly by choice, I’ll be leaving the City of Angels. I’d be super bitter about this (I love LA) except… I’m going to spend next year travelling. I love travelling. The constant change, the unpredictability, the battle to […]

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Reusable Drink Containers

11 Quick Actions (You Can Do Today) To Save The World

Psst. Whatcha doing right now? Wasting some time surfin’ the net, huh? Wanna spend a few minutes like a superhero, saving the world? You do? Awesome! Start by scanning the 11 simple actions below. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the ones you’ve already done. Now, think about the ones you haven’t […]

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