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Monks To Muslims

14,232 km so far. We left behind the saffron robed monks of Thailand today and entered the first Muslim country we have travelled in since our trip through the Middle East back in 2006. Malaysia is the 21st country of our bicycle trip, and is also the second last country we will bike through before […]

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Last Day In Thailand

14,129 km so far. As far as train rides go, last night’s fell somewhere between the best and the worst. It wasn’t anywhere near as bad as Shanghai to Hong Kong, but it didn’t come close to the smooth ride and comfort of the bullet trains we took in China. Rumbling Through The Night There’s […]

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Crossing Into Country 20

12,477 km so far. Countless blogs and travel articles have warned us of the dangers that abound when crossing from Thailand into Cambodia at the Poipet border crossing. I was preparing for a lawless frontier: people offering fake visas, kids with slippery fingers digging into our pockets, and marketeers trying to foist upon us all […]

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Home For A Rest

12,424 km so far. As I look around our slightly grungy fleapit of a motel room in the even more grungy border town of Aranyaprathet, I have to face facts. I am homesick. But I’m not homesick for home. I’m homesick for our camp stove; I miss our tent. When we were in Europe, these […]

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From Sabaidee To Sawadee

11,041 km so far. Border crossing days are always a little anxiety provoking. You just never really know what’s going to happen. Thanks to the magic of the internet, we were pretty sure we’d managed to unravel the conflicting information out there and figure out exactly what we needed to do and where we needed […]

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Have We Laost Our Minds?

10,808 km so far. Today was probably the most difficult ride of the past eleven months. We knew it would be tough and we prepared as much as one can. We had mapped the route, checked the elevation changes, read other cyclists’ accounts of the trip, double checked our weather apps, and set our alarm […]

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Goodbye China, Hello Vietnam

9,742 so far. When we rolled our bikes off the elevator and into the hotel lobby this morning there were two guys there who were very interested in our set-up. They both spoke English and one of them asked us, “Where are you riding to today?” “Vietnam,” I replied. Since we were only 100 km […]

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Living La Vida Latvia

3945 km so far. First, note the distance above. Almost 4,000 km. That seems like a lot to me! Then look at a few pictures from last night’s camping. No Room Of One’s Own This morning we continued along the bike path we’ve been following since we got to the Baltic Sea. It’s a great […]

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Into Lithuania

3581 km so far. Another day, another country. Ho hum. Actually, it’s very exciting every time we get ready to cross the border, even if it’s just another unmanned EU crossing. We never know quite what to expect on the other side, and if we have expectations, they are invariably wrong. I am expecting Lithuania […]

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