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Slow Cyclists On The Move

2338 km so far. We were seriously slow this morning after a slighty drunken return to the apartment last night at 3:30am. I’m kind of glad we’re leaving today as I can’t handle this big city pace any longer! Our groggy haze, combined with the disorganisation that comes from not going anywhere for four days, […]

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Repression, Expression, Libation

2310 km so far. Hungary’s history during the twentieth century is quite incredible. Empire building followed by great loss of land and power in WWI, a brief period of democracy, a Nazi takeover, a fight for freedom, Soviet occupation, a period of brutality, a revolution that was crushed, followed by “happy communism”. Finally, in 1990, […]

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Budapest Now And Then

2307 km so far. This morning we got up and went straight to the bike shop. Since failing with three shops on Saturday, Stephen had done some more research and found a shop online that sounded like the real deal: a place where they care about bikes and bicycling and really know their stuff. With […]

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A Day Of Miracles

2283 km so far. We took full advantage of Barbi and David’s flat today. Jane slept in while I caught up with friends on Facebook and read the news. We then had an easy morning as we stayed in, catching up on emails, blog posts, photo editing, and coffee drinking. It was so great to […]

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Little Cyclists In The Big City

2283 km so far. Today we celebrated 2 months on the road!! We are in Budapest, staying with our new friends David and Barbi in their lovely flat. It is so nice to feel “at home” somewhere for a few days. It’s also incredibly nice of two complete strangers to take us in for 5 […]

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But The Levee Was Dry

2283 km so far. We woke up alone on the lake, to the sound of ducks, frogs, and a bird that seemed to be singing the Mission Impossible theme. It was lucky that as we were approaching the campground last night we met a Dutch couple coming off the EuroVelo 6 where we were to […]

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