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Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

11,499 km so far. The air quality hasn’t improved much since we left Chiang Mai; this morning as we rode out of Li, thick smoke visibly clung to the road. We could smell the scent of it hanging in the air, and we knew before long we’d see scarred earth all around us. All That […]

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Early To Rise

10,956 km so far. Today we continued to act like real cycle tourists. We got up early. Noooooo! Even on our rest day, our best option was to set the alarm for seven, so we could at least see some of Luang Prabang before the sun began to bake our brains into useless lumps of […]

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Mmm. Meat.

7,150 km so far. After three weeks of riding through industrial zones, smog, rain, and dirt, it is laundry day! Almost every piece of clothing we have is now with the hostel’s laundry service, which is one of the luxuries we allow ourselves. It is quite nice to know that by the time we are […]

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A Little Rain Can Clear The Streets

7,135 km so far. After the past two days of rain the sky has stopped crying, the roads have been washed clean, and the air is clear. Time to ride. We stopped off at Ningqiang’s stone tower. This is a type of tower specific to the Qiang people, and I wanted to see it, unsure […]

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Only Losers Take The Bus

As Stephen mentioned yesterday, we decided to take public transport yet again, this time to get to Xi’an. We knew we’d have to resort to bus or train at least once more to make our November 9 deadline in Shanghai, and we are hoping that the industrial smog-choked lands we avoided by taking the bus […]

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