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Angkors Away

11,380 km so far. Most of the people we have met in Thailand who are travelling have already been to Angkor Wat, or are headed there soon. Since none of them are riding their bikes, they were either at Angkor Wat just a few days ago, or will be there in a couple of days […]

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Another Day In Chiang Mai

11,306 km so far. We had planned to leave Chiang Mai today, but with so much organising still left to do for our trip between here and Cambodia, we decided we needed another 24 hours. We took care of the important things first, like having another breakfast at Blue Diamond, ensuring that we sampled a […]

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No More Excuses

11,301 km so far. When we first set out on this trip, we imagined plenty of free time which we would spend advancing our yoga practices. Instead, especially for me, there always seems to be an excuse why we can’t practice. Sometimes the excuses are valid: we just rode 100 km up two mountains; there’s […]

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Chiang Chiang Chiang-itty Chiang Shoobop

11,301 km so far. Happy Birthday wishes to Jane’s brother Scot. Here’s wishing you many dolphin sightings, no monkey ambushes, and plenty of cake. Here is some birthday ice cream for you. We spent most of the day eating our way around Chiang Mai. Today was a true day off, with nothing pressing on our […]

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Adjusting To Modern Life

11,301 km so far. Today’s ride was front-loaded with a 12 km climb. Normally I don’t like starting the morning off in such an undignified and sweaty manner, but today it was perfect. We got most of the agonizing work out of the way before the morning chill had worn off and the shade had […]

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