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Going Down To Noodle Town

8,020 km so far. Keen observers will notice that we are no longer at 8,008 km. Yes, the bike trip has officially resumed! OK, our ride today was only down to the nearest village to get food, but it still counts. We are once again in a lovely little bamboo hut at the Fine Yoga […]

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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

8,008 km so far. We are rolling the rails once again, heading back to “The Mainland”. It’s about 1,200 km from Hong Kong to Chibi, so we are in for a full day of travel. Between Guangzhou and Chibi there is a bullet train, so at least we don’t have to travel through the night, […]

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Alcohol Is All Around

8,008 km so far. This morning we bid a bittersweet farewell to the retreat. Then we boarded the bullet train. Speeding through the countryside at 300+ km/h is not the kind of “go slowly” approach our bike trip is usually about, but the scenes outside the window seemed all too familiar. Smog-choked air, people tending […]

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River Deep, Mountain High

7,999 km so far. A man is shouting right in Stephen’s face. He is yelling and yelling, a relentless noise that we would rather not have to deal with. We are at the ferry dock, and it’s clear that he wants Stephen to buy the crumpled up, obviously used ferry ticket he has pulled from […]

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It Feels Like Years Since It’s Been Here

7,731 km so far. Finally, after three weeks without sunshine, it returned. There, above the not-so-thick layer of dullness was the sun! I thought it had abandoned us, and was unsure what we had done to hurt its feelings, but it’s back. We spent most of the day riding in t-shirts and shorts, enjoying the […]

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