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A Sea Of Chaos

9,340 so far. Our push to Vietnam begins now. This morning we rode the 9 km from the hostel to the ferry terminal in Haikou, and there the waiting game began. We wove our way through people and traffic to the front of the line where walk-on passengers wait for the ferry to the mainland. […]

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Nothing Doing

9,239 so far. We really didn’t do anything today. We walked to a big park, where lots of people were having fun, riding on amusement rides, and generally enjoying the holiday. The sun was out, and every ride in the park seemed to be emitting its own loud Chinese pop music. Relaxing. The grassy area […]

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Rocky Road, No Ice Cream

9,239 km so far. Yesterday afternoon’s road gave a hint of what would come today. We started out on the same bumpy chewed-up BMX course we’d gritted our teeth through for 20 km yesterday. Worst case scenario, this would last for about 90 km until we arrived in the outskirts of Haikou. Rattle Dem Bones […]

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Is Effort Effective?

8,715 km so far. A recurring lesson in my yoga classes the past year has been “Effort Is Effective.” Today involved a lot of effort, but the results were disappointing. We are planning on cycling on Hainan for the next 10 days, before heading back the mainland, and riding into Vietnam. Chinese New Year is […]

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Making Plans For The New Year

8,715 km so far. With Chinese New Year and Tết on the very near horizon, we have had to do some uncharacteristic medium-term planning. Things get crazy in these parts during the Chinese New Year celebrations, especially on the island because Hainan is a popular touristy getaway. We’re pretty excited to get to experience the […]

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