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Our 12 Favourite Coffee Roasters in the Entire World

15,720 km so far. As I sit here enjoying some of the best coffee I have had on my travels, I am thinking back on all the great experiences we have had thanks to my coffee addiction. Whether it was getting off the train in Helsingborg, Sweden just to visit Koppi, searching out the elusive […]

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Non-Stop Gridlock

14,958 km so far. Despite the mess of cars, taxis, busses, and scooters we had seen last night, which one blogger described as 360 degree traffic, this morning we rode our bikes across the city. We decided the guesthouse we had checked into last night was too far away from the train station and the […]

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Bad Tourist

14,311 km so far. My mornings are not the same without a great cup of coffee. Thankfully I have my Hario hand grinder, my Coffee Sock Co. Organic cotton coffee sock (filter), and my Melitta Ready Set Joe coffee brewer to make great coffee possible. The Perfect Hangout I have been absolutely loving searching out […]

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Knives Out

10,704 km so far. There are knives in my belly. Not literal knives, you understand. But they might as well be, for the pain I’m feeling. It’s safe to say that I now know what it’s like to be shived. While riding a bike. Up a mountain. OK, let’s start at the beginning. The Preamble […]

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Passion People

8,008 km so far. This morning Stephen taught his last lululemon class in Hong Kong (of this trip). It was a full house and a fun, friendly group, many of whom had been to one of his other Hong Kong classes. Also, he got to say Ishvarapranidhana a lot, which is always fun. Beware Of […]

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A Break From Biking

2788 km so far. Today marks our first day of two full weeks pretty much off the bikes. The idea of not riding anywhere for that long is freaking me out a little. It’s also a huge relief, as I’ve been feeling like we need a real rest from the packing and pedalling. We packed […]

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A Coffee Junkie On The Road

Stephen shares his secrets on The Huffington Post for getting a coffee fix on the bike.

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Green News Links for November 16

My picks of the best and worst green news of the week in one handy post. Accompanied by lots of slant and a large helping of rant. Made Me Want to Punch Someone Good reports that Burger King launched a barfy campaign to kids, pretending to “give back” to the environment. Their whopper of a […]

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Reusable Drink Containers

11 Quick Actions (You Can Do Today) To Save The World

Psst. Whatcha doing right now? Wasting some time surfin’ the net, huh? Wanna spend a few minutes like a superhero, saving the world? You do? Awesome! Start by scanning the 11 simple actions below. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the ones you’ve already done. Now, think about the ones you haven’t […]

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