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Taking Care Of Business

When we have time off in any city there are always chores to get done. Since we are planning to head out of China before February, we have been deciding on the best route south. The next few months of riding will involve visiting at least six countries along the way, and most will require […]

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The Joy Of Cooking

8,008 km so far. One of the hardest things about our trip is not having access to a kitchen. Stephen and I both love to cook and we both love to be able to eat whatever we can dream up. Our Trangia camp kitchen made a good substitute while we were in Europe, and the […]

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Plate of veggies

Should I Eat This? Cheat Sheet

When I first set out to write Should I Eat This? A Guide To Food In The 21st Century my goal was to create a simple guide to eating in a complex world. Looking back, I realize my simple guide is almost as complicated as the complexities it was trying to simplify. So, taking a […]

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Salad Mix

How To Eat Better And Spend Less Time Cooking

I love cooking, but sometimes it is a royal pain in the ass. There’s no getting around it. Some days you’d rather eat your own arms than cook another damn meal from scratch. So what do you do? Suck it up and cook anyway? Eat microwave food? Order in? Go out? There’s a better solution. […]

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Big Bowl of Chili

Meatless Mondays Recipe: Black Bean & Chocolate Chili

When I make chili, it’s different every time. You can make this recipe as is if you want, but I encourage you to get a little adventurous. Experiment and adjust it according to what you have in the fridge and the cupboard. That’s how I discovered that it’s hella good with maple syrup. Here’s to […]

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Black Bean Burrito

Vegan Weekend: Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito

I lived in London for 10 years. London has a lot going for it, but at the time it was seriously lacking in Mexican food. There was one high-end Mexican restaurant that we couldn’t afford. At the grocery store all you could buy were those hard taco shells that should’ve been left back in the […]

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