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11 Croatia Travel Photos To Make You Pack Your Bags

In many ways, Croatia is the ideal travel destination. It has endless sunshine, crystal blue waters, underpopulated islands, and a surfeit of homey inexpensive guesthouses. Add to that the historic walled cities, a mouthwatering selection of local wines and sun-baked sandy beaches… it’s hard to come up with a better travel destination than Croatia. Don’t […]

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Croatia Travel Photos

11 Travel Destinations I Can’t Wait To See Again

There’s one thing that almost everyone asks me about my recent travels. What was your favourite country? Obviously, I can never choose just one, so here are 11 travel destinations I can’t wait to see again. Croatia With an abundance of walled cities overlooking the stirring Adriatic coastline, the romance of Croatia continually calls to […]

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Unforgettable Days Cycling Europe, Part 1

Before we get started… Happy Birthday biggest big brother! We’re thinking about you today. Here’s wishing you all the best for the year to come. Today was a pretty insignificant day. We boxed some stuff for mailing, shopped for a few packing supplies, and walked around the neighbourhood. It got me to thinking how the […]

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Our Favourite Places: Croatia

This is part 2 of our series about the best places we visited, from Rome to Russia. Find out what caught our fancies in Croatia, the land of sun and sea.  ♥ [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it!

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Boats on Lago Trasimeno

Italy vs Croatia: International Smackdown

It’s probably a terrible idea to compare countries, especially ones in which we’ve only scratched the surface. Our Italian friends will protest, our Croatian friends will groan. Even so, we decided it would be fun and helpful to other travellers if we highlighted the best and worst of each country by comparing it to its […]

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The Magic Roads of Slovenia

1170 km so far. We started the morning in Generalski Stol, which incidentally may be the best town name ever. Our incredibly generous host had breakfast all ready for us, even though we’d thought he’d said “No breakfast” the night before when we’d negotiated a lower rate for the room. Since we’d already eaten breakfast […]

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Workers of the World Unite and Take Over Caffes and Parks

1141.5 km so far. When you are cycle touring you tend to forget things like what day of the week it is, or the date. We rolled into Slunj this morning, our destination for second breakfast, and it seemed like the whole town was on holiday. We joked that it must be the best town […]

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Everybody Hates A Tourist

1075km so far. We were pretty happy in the campground Borje, so we got up lazily and slowly and did our morning ritual: coffee, breakfast, dress, tear down the tent, pack. By the late hour of 10am, we were on the road. Good thing we were only going 17 km to Plitvice Lakes National Park. […]

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The Signs Of War

1050 km so far. We rose in our shepherd’s field camping spot this morning bright and early, not wanting to be trod upon by unsuspecting sheep as they returned to graze. We stopped a few kilometres down the road for pancakes at the American Squirrel Restaurant (or something like that). They also had goat, but […]

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Sea To Sky

Whew, what a day. It feels like we fit a week’s worth of sites and interesting encounters into today. And we also managed to ride 74 km, much of which was uphill. To keep this post short(ish), I’m going to tell the story mostly in pictures. Design Matters We left the incredibly cool Hostel Forum […]

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