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The 24-hour 10 Wells Fundrive

Update: Sunday May 4, 2014 We have successfully funded 10 wells! With the one we donated ourselves, that makes 11. Our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who dug into their pockets, wallets, and bank accounts to make a big difference for 10 Cambodian families. We won’t be collecting any more money, but you can still donate […]

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Water Water Everywhere

12,585 km so far. Before you read this post, go get a glass of water. Hydration is important folks! Hop to. I’m waiting… OK. How long did that take? 15 seconds? 20? Great. Now look into that glass. I bet you’re staring into a lovely clear glass of water. You’re probably not wondering if it’s […]

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The My Five Acres 10 Wells Challenge

So, what’s The My Five Acres 10 Wells Challenge all about then? It’s really simple. We want to raise enough money to build 10 new wells for families in rural Cambodia. If you didn’t read about our trip to a well-building site in rural Cambodia, that’s a good place to start. For a year now, […]

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The Stuff Of Life

9,916 km so far. Air, water, food, sleep. These are the things we need to survive. Today, most of them proved a little difficult for us. The challenges are actually one of the great joys of a trip like this. We learn on a daily basis that life is full of challenges, and with a […]

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New Sensation

8538 km so far. Today was a fairly uneventful day. We rode 51 km, so a short ride for us, from Wuchuan to Zhanjiang. This gets us one day closer to Hainan Island. Only two more days riding and we will be there. A couple of things have had me thinking more than usual about […]

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Expat Living In Shanghai

Sick update: Jane is pretty much better, except for a niggling scratchy cough that will probably linger around until March. But now Stephen is sick! Argh. He went to bed last night with a fever and has spent all day today asleep. Not good. No photo assignment today as my time was taken up with […]

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