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The Best Food We Ate on Our 2-Year, 22-Country Bike Trip

As long-term travellers, we tend to hear the same questions from curious people. One of the most repeated questions was… What was the best food you ate on your trip? It’s a natural question. Food is more than just fuel for your body. It’s a cultural experience, it’s a learning experience, it’s an adventure. So […]

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Plate of veggies

Should I Eat This? Cheat Sheet

When I first set out to write Should I Eat This? A Guide To Food In The 21st Century my goal was to create a simple guide to eating in a complex world. Looking back, I realize my simple guide is almost as complicated as the complexities it was trying to simplify. So, taking a […]

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Happy Tofurkey Day

Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Foods I Have Adored

I am Canadian. I am vegan. I am not a fan of the mass slaughter of indigenous peoples. And yet, there is something I love about Thanksgiving. That something, specifically, is the food. In honor of that love (and to dispel the idea that turkey day is all about turkey), I present this guide to […]

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Should I Eat This? Part 7: Grains

We food-obsessed Westerners have spent much of the past decade freaking out about grains. Remember Atkins? There was a guy in my office who ate huge plates of bacon and sausage every morning, but would shudder in disgust at the sight of toast. South Beachers also said “no” to grains, but were at least a […]

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May Help Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease

Should I Eat This? Part Three: Fake Health Food

Better for you! Fat free! Contains whole grains! Just 100 Calories! 0 Grams Trans Fat! All-Natural! Fake health foods are the carnival barkers of the grocery store, shouting at you from every aisle, promising longevity, beauty, and true happiness, if only you’ll buy their wares. The reason I despise fake health food above most other […]

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Junk Food

Should I Eat This? Part Two: Junk Food

In the 70s a kid might have been treated to junk food on a few really special occasions: Halloween, birthdays, maybe Christmas. In 2012, junk food is the stuff you see people grabbing at the drugstore checkout. You know, the drugstore, where you go to buy stuff to make you healthy? Junk food also includes […]

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