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Going Down To Noodle Town

8,020 km so far. Keen observers will notice that we are no longer at 8,008 km. Yes, the bike trip has officially resumed! OK, our ride today was only down to the nearest village to get food, but it still counts. We are once again in a lovely little bamboo hut at the Fine Yoga […]

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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

8,008 km so far. We are rolling the rails once again, heading back to “The Mainland”. It’s about 1,200 km from Hong Kong to Chibi, so we are in for a full day of travel. Between Guangzhou and Chibi there is a bullet train, so at least we don’t have to travel through the night, […]

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Are You Ready For What’s Next?

8,008 km so far. After enjoying five quiet days of recuperation and contemplation, of not having to decide where to eat, or having to find a place to sleep, we are almost ready to be thrown back out into the big wide world. I have to admit, this last five days, I have started to […]

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Another Day In Paradise

8,008 km so far. We went for a short bike ride this afternoon with one thing in mind: we are at 7,999 km and we can’t go to Shanghai without cracking 8,000. Mission accomplished. Tea For Two Million Not far from the retreat is a very small village, maybe 15 houses, but the scenes were […]

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Luxurious Twins

7,999 km so far. Today was the ideal kind of rest day, the kind with nothing to report. We worked, I napped, we took a walk. We took (a lot) of pictures of bamboo, we washed laundry, and we watched a few episodes of Homeland. Our three square meals came from the kindly staff of […]

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The Kindness Of (Almost) Strangers

7,999 km so far. I’ve been very fortunate with the yoga studios I have been able to teach at during our trip. The people we have met, the new friends we have made, have been overwhelmingly welcoming, generous, and kind. A few examples: In Rīga, Ilze, who we had yet to meet, offered us her […]

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