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Hurry Up And Wait

14,937 km so far. Our plane tickets to Jakarta are booked, though it took some doing. Before cyclists can book a plane ticket, they have to find out what the requirements are for packing the bike, how much it costs to fly with the bike, and how to get their bikes to the airport. All […]

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Speeding Up To Slow Down

14,937 km so far. Since we were supposed to be spending today riding into Kuala Lumpur, I couldn’t help but thinking of it as a free day. It was a day in which nothing much had to happen, since we had bought ourselves the time along with our bus tickets yesterday. So, we took great […]

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Just waiting to board our flight to Beijing. Bikes were taken no problem and we didn’t even have to pay an excess baggage fee. Cross your fingers that everything arrives in good shape!

Goodbye To Berlin

Ignoring the classes of mine that Jane has been to, we have only been to one yoga teacher’s class twice on this whole trip. Jelena Lieberberg teaches at Spirit Yoga in Berlin, and is also a lululemon Ambassador (like me). She teaches in German, but is able to communicate what she is asking so clearly […]

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The Indignities of Air Travel

We’ve been observing today that air travel is a distinctly rotten way to start a trip. There’s the mind-numbing sterility of airports (though we must say Heathrow has really pulled up her socks since last time we were there). There’s the indignity of being folded into a space just slightly shorter than your femur bones […]

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Feelings. Nothing more than feelings…

We are currently waiting to board our flight from Los Angeles to Roma, via London (only for an hour, at Heathrow). Our house sale is finalised (two hours ago), we are moved out, and as of this evening a new family lives and loves there. Our bikes have been (hopefully) loaded onto the plane, and […]

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