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Movin’ On

2872 km so far. And we’re off! Finally back on the road and it feels good. Despite the list of errands to run today, the rain to run from, and the busy road to ride on, today is a good day. It sure is nice to be back on the road, heading north towards Tallinn, […]

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Wild Camp

2618 km so far. I was dreaming about our friend James shooting a music video in the warehouse Stephen and I lived in (?!) when Stephen shook me awake. I fumbled with my earplugs so I could hear what he was saying. My heart was pounding. Someone must be out there, or he wouldn’t be […]

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Bystrica, You Bastard

2537 km so far. We left the beautiful, mountainside town of Banská Stiavnica this morning, and I was a bit sad to leave it so quickly. It has a quirky vibe and seems to have good people living there, helping make it more than just a UNESCO World Heritage site, but also a living, breathing, […]

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The Bumpy Road Less Travelled

We awoke to another perfect day of baby blue skies undisturbed by clouds, temperate temperature, and Croatian hospitality. Our plan was vague, but involved scouring ferry schedules, asking questions at the various ferry offices, getting off Korčula, and heading towards Dubrovnik – possibly via Mljet, Šipan or Orebić on the Peljesač peninsula that lies just […]

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Boats on Lago Trasimeno

A Little Slice of Home

When Stephen opened the shutters this morning, we saw something we hadn’t seen since we left LA. Bright, unabridged, full-on sunshine! Being on the second floor of one of the few buildings on Isola Polvese, we had a gorgeous view of the glass-like lake and the small hill town of Castiglione del Lago in the […]

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a cycle trip through the hill towns of italy

Up, Up, Up: Cycle Touring Orvieto, Italy

After a solid sleep in our free campsite, we woke up refreshed to dry skies and a cold morning. It was hard to get out of the sleeping bags, but the vision of an angry olive farmer with a chainsaw helped motivate us. There was no prospect of sun, so we broke camp in the […]

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Still No WiFi, But We Are Alive

Just a quick note to let you know we are alive and well, and camping in a farmer’s olive orchard in Tuscany. We haven’t had wifi in a few days, hence the radio silence. We may find Internet tomorrow and will have several days blogs to upload then. Ciao ciao.

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Happy April Fools, Fools: Cycle Touring Central Italy

We received so many warnings about so many things before our trip even began that we now take any caution lightly. Maybe a little too lightly. Today we left Alex and Kasia behind and we headed out on what we consider to be Day 1 Proper. Our plan was to head towards Valentano, a 44km […]

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