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Leaving Hanoi

10,273 km so far. We finally got our lazy butts out of our comfy bed and left Hanoi today. It has been so nice relaxing, going to yoga, getting massaged, and eating incredible food, but our bike trip, and the rest of Southeast Asia, awaits. Easy Rider As we were leaving the hotel we met […]

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In The Bath

10,197 km so far. Our big project for today was to go to the spa. I know, poor us right? Before we could do that though, we had to move from the fabulous Elegance Emerald to the also lovely Elegance Elite, since the Emerald didn’t have a room for us tonight. Their great service continued […]

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Great Service Is Great Business

10,197 km so far. We have been thoroughly enjoying our few days in Ha Noi, though we haven’t done many of the touristy things everyone recommends: no water puppet theatre, no visits to the temples or museums, no ghastly tour of the Hanoi Hilton. Instead we have been enjoying experiencing a more local Hanoi. Yoga, […]

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The Day We Go 10 Times Over Budget

10,197 km so far. It’s been almost 4,000 km since our bikes were looked at by a pro bike mechanic. Since our combined knowledge of bike mechanicry barely covers diddly and squat, it’s important that we let an expert get their hands dirty with our rides every once in a while. Spa For Bikes We’d […]

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Breakfast And Beer

10,187 km so far. All you can eat breakfast is quite something. As a hungry cycle tourist I made the most of it this morning, having four breakfasts in 90 minutes. The coffee was syrupy and roasted beyond all enjoyment, and the orange juice was sickly sweet sugar water, but the mango juice was fresh, […]

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One Man’s Meat

10,187 km so far. It seems as though the prevailing weather in northern Vietnam in February is cloudy with a chance of mizzle. Another ho hum morning’s ride then, adding a new layer of filth to the bikes we just scrubbed clean less than a week ago, not to mention a lovely mud-splash pattern all […]

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