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Life Is A Highway

4556 km so far. Or at least our ride today is a highway. We are riding from Pärnu to Tallinn over the next two days, and we have not enough time to take the scenic route following Eesti’s coastline. So, this means we are riding along the A4 highway for the next two days. Highway […]

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Fantastic Four Thousand

4011 km so far. A walk on the beach of the Baltic Sea is a great way to start the day. The sand is silky soft and a beautiful white and the wind hasn’t yet had a chance to whip up. I had heard you can go out early and hunt for amber that has […]

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The Joys Of Hotel Camping

3783 km so far. Our perfect little campsite was hard to leave this morning. Who wants to get on a bike when you could spend the whole day lying around in a stripy hammock? But get on the bikes we did, after dithering around making coffee, drying out the tent, and trying to wake me […]

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Ahead By A (Metric) Century

1978 km so far. There I was thinking I would have nothing to write about today. We rode the short distance from Balatonfüred to the Thiany ferry, which would take us from the peninsula’s point across Balaton to Szántód. Taking the ferry meant we didn’t have to continue riding around the lake today, so we […]

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There’s No Place Like Home

1795 km so far. I didn’t like today. There, I said it. I did not want to be on the bike. I did not want to be pedalling my ass off against nasty headwinds. I did not want to be in Hungary. I wanted to be at home, in my bed, snuggled up with a […]

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Windy Slog to a Closed Campground

We woke to another overcast and cold morning – our weather app told us it felt like 6C but I think it felt more like the North Pole. The wind was blowing across our campsite so hard our tent poles were bending. We layered up with just about every single piece of clothing we brought […]

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