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Bringing in the crops - Travel Bali

11 Bali Travel Photos To Make You Book Your Flight

Legendary Bali, with its mystical culture and tropical climate, is a life-changing place for many visitors. Its combination of awe-inspiring nature, spiritual culture, perfect beach weather, and unique shopping experiences means that Bali is a hotspot on the tourist trail, not only for Westerners, but for people from all corners of the world. There is […]

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Shots From Nusa Penida

I was going to write a post about how Ubud is not the paradise many people claim it to be (too much traffic! too many tourists!). Then I decided it would be better to share our photos from Nusa Penida, an island not far off the coast of Bali which is pretty heavenly. Here’s a […]

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Tiny Dancer

15,720 km so far. Being off the bikes has made keeping up with writing a little more difficult. Our routine has dissolved into nothing, leaving us undisciplined when it comes to getting our work done. I completely forgot to make notes for today, so two days later, as I write this, I am blanking on […]

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Balinese Zen

15,706 km so far. Getting around Bali is not a walk in the park. I had set up a meeting for this morning with the owners of Desa Seni, an eco-village resort (their name means Art Village), not 30 km from where we are staying. Because traffic can be crazy and the hills are steep […]

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It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

15,706 km so far. We are now officially off our bikes. Our journey isn’t over, and we may yet do some cycling on Bali, but we will be spending the next few weeks adjusting to a different pace of life and figuring out how to re-enter normal society. We’ve decided to keep writing until August […]

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Last Day On The Road

15,706 km so far. Maybe it was the terrible sleep we both had last night, with wild dreams caused by overly rich food too close to bedtime. Maybe it was the exhaustion from one too many tough rides in a row. Maybe it was the heightened aggression of the traffic. Maybe some planet was in […]

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Bali, Hi

15,604 km so far. A little more than 15 months ago Jane and I dreamed our trip would one day bring us to Bali. When we were in Berlin in September last year, the dream started seeming realistic enough for us to print “Beijing to Bali” cards for the second half of our trip. In […]

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Good Ride By The Seaside

15,480 km so far. After yesterday’s kerfuffle with the incompetent and dishonest folks who run the various public transportation options on Java, there was nothing for it but to get on our bikes and ride. But first, we enjoyed a hearty and delicious breakfast in the garden at Rumah Wahidin, which we highly recommend if […]

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Belly Of The Earth

15,385 km so far. Crossing the Tengger Caldera, which contains within its walls four newer volcano cones and the Sand Sea, felt like we were on another planet. The caldera is 10 km in diameter, and its base is covered entirely in black sand and ash that has been spit out by Bromo and the […]

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A Thoroughly Stupid Day

15,342 km so far. In 15 months of travelling, with many days that could compete for stupidest day, none were more stupid than today. It started out with the disheartening news that to enter the Mount Bromo park, we would have to pay the equivalent of $25 each. I was sure I’d read that it […]

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