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Trains Go Really Fast

14,974 km so far. It was without an ounce of regret that we jumped on the train this morning to head out of Jakarta. We knew we’d made the right decision as we watched the crowded streets of Jakarta sail by for what seemed like hours. I didn’t want to be down there on my […]

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An American In Jakarta

14,966 km so far. I had an idea in my head, no doubt subtly planted there by Republican commentators, that the school we were going to visit today would be a small, rundown place teaching a strict version of Islam. The students would all be boys. If girls were allowed they would all be wearing […]

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Churning The Ocean Of Jakarta

14,966 km so far. Not even a full minute after we stepped into Bliss For Wellness this morning, the rain started bucketing down. In LA, this kind of storm would mean that yoga students would stay home and the class would be empty. In Jakarta, most of the students had already arrived, and more poured […]

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Saying Goodbye To Our Bikes

14,966 km so far. Our day began by doing something I am quite nervous about. We took our bikes to the train cargo depot in Northern Jakarta, handing them off to a shipping company, and now we have little to do but hope they will meet us in Yogyakarta. Not The River Of Babylon The […]

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Friday the 13th

14,958 km so far. Why was today so hard? I mean, it wasn’t actually hard, but it FELT that way. Stephen’s note: That’s what she said. First The Good We are staying in an amazing little place in Jakarta, which I highly recommend to anyone coming here. It’s called Tomang Residence. Like many guesthouses in […]

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Non-Stop Gridlock

14,958 km so far. Despite the mess of cars, taxis, busses, and scooters we had seen last night, which one blogger described as 360 degree traffic, this morning we rode our bikes across the city. We decided the guesthouse we had checked into last night was too far away from the train station and the […]

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Fear Of Flying

Why am I so stressed? This is the question I wrestled with as we rode (as passengers in an air-conditioned van) towards the airport. Even though am not consciously worried about today, last night I had all kinds of flying nightmares. No, not the kind where you are falling through the air or involved in […]

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Hurry Up And Wait

14,937 km so far. Our plane tickets to Jakarta are booked, though it took some doing. Before cyclists can book a plane ticket, they have to find out what the requirements are for packing the bike, how much it costs to fly with the bike, and how to get their bikes to the airport. All […]

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