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Palm Oil Is The New Black

14,937 km so far. Sometimes you have to let go of your habits, your preconceptions, and your base desires, and take a look at the bigger picture. Palm oil has replaced trans fat and other fats in almost every kind of packaged food you can imagine. It might be healthier than hydrogenated vegetable oil (though […]

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Jungle Boogie

14,772 km so far. Planning for Taman Negara, we’d tossed around the idea of going on a multi-day trek with a guide, sleeping in a cave or on the beach. The idea of doing one of these overnight tours was exciting to me, but I realised, upon discussing it with Stephen, that the reality would […]

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Monkeys In The Jungle

14,278 km so far. Riding out of Alor Setar this morning, we couldn’t miss the fact that we are in a new country. The Malaysia we’ve seen so far is tidier, more modern, and more Western than Thailand by a long shot. All of the signs are written in the Latin alphabet, and many are […]

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Welcome To The Jungle

13,547 km so far. Leaving our home stay this morning, we rode out along the dirt road to highway 48, not really looking forward to today’s elevation profile. There are a few big climbs today, and it’s a scorcher. In The Flow It isn’t often we make a detour from our route to visit a […]

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Just Relax

13,260 km so far. The tuk tuk pulls up in front of our hotel at 9:45am sharp. Being on Cambodia time, we’d expected it to be at least half an hour late, so the punctuality caught us by surprise. We quickly paid our bill, grabbed our stripped-down set of luggage, waved goodbye to our bikes […]

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