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Bromo Or Bust

15,326 km so far. Note: for those of you keeping track, we have adjusted our total distance today to reflect an error we found, where one ride was added twice. When we set off this morning, we knew the ride would put all the work we have done on this trip to the test. We […]

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Have We Laost Our Minds?

10,808 km so far. Today was probably the most difficult ride of the past eleven months. We knew it would be tough and we prepared as much as one can. We had mapped the route, checked the elevation changes, read other cyclists’ accounts of the trip, double checked our weather apps, and set our alarm […]

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Climb Every Mountain

10,411 km so far. We began our mountain climbs in earnest today. Over the course of the next seven days we will ascend about 20,000 m through the Annamite Range, and climb the Pha Din Pass, which translates as Heaven And Earth, giving you some idea of how high it reaches. This is going to […]

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We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

10,339 km so far. There is a serious set of mountains between Hanoi in Vietnam and Luang Prabang in Laos. Being slightly insane cycle tourists, we’ve decided to ride right over the middle of them. Today is the first day of about a week’s worth of big climbs. It’s been a long time since we […]

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There’s Cold In Them Thar Hills

7,055 km so far. Our hotel in Mianyang provided our first free breakfast outside of Beijing. Green beans with chillies, some sort of nutty bean with garlic, a noodle and seaweed salad, a selection of runny bland porridges, delicious almond and sesame seed cookies, and sunflower seed bread. There were lots of dumplings to choose […]

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Worker Bees, Killer Wasps

6,905 km so far. We pushed off early today, leaving behind the dull, grey town of Foping. They have tried to liven things up by putting LEDs on their bridges, but it does little to hide the factories on the edge of town. I think this was especially evident in contrast to the tranquil beauty […]

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Tantra In The Tatras

2650 km so far. As we headed out of Liptovsky Mikulaš today we seemed to enter a magical landscape where everything was beautiful. The fields were vibrant green and the mountains covered in mist. I have read, and heard, from many people that the Tatra mountains are not to be missed, and this is why […]

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