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Should I Eat This? The Flowchart

So you resolved to eat better this year? Or maybe you’re just confused about food. Here’s the ultimate flowchart to make your eating decisions easy. [hr] Should I Eat This? The Complete Series Find out more about where food comes from and how it affects your health and the health of the planet. Should I […]

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Plate of veggies

Should I Eat This? Cheat Sheet

When I first set out to write Should I Eat This? A Guide To Food In The 21st Century my goal was to create a simple guide to eating in a complex world. Looking back, I realize my simple guide is almost as complicated as the complexities it was trying to simplify. So, taking a […]

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Fruits and Vegetables

Should I Eat This? Part 8: Fruits & Veggies

What if I told you there was a magical pill you could take that would help you lose weight, prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, even the common cold? Oh, and it will also make your skin glow. You don’t need a prescription and your daily dose would just be a couple of dollars a day. […]

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Should I Eat This? Part 7: Grains

We food-obsessed Westerners have spent much of the past decade freaking out about grains. Remember Atkins? There was a guy in my office who ate huge plates of bacon and sausage every morning, but would shudder in disgust at the sight of toast. South Beachers also said “no” to grains, but were at least a […]

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Salad Mix

How To Eat Better And Spend Less Time Cooking

I love cooking, but sometimes it is a royal pain in the ass. There’s no getting around it. Some days you’d rather eat your own arms than cook another damn meal from scratch. So what do you do? Suck it up and cook anyway? Eat microwave food? Order in? Go out? There’s a better solution. […]

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Bee On Flower

October 2011 Accountability Journal

State of Mind Right now I’ve got this nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s telling me I’m dropping the ball, not working hard enough. That feeling has been battling with the little voice telling me my idea is stupid, this project is stupid, it can never be done. So far, my much […]

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