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Vignette: Morning At Cape Lookout

19.10.14 Judging from last night’s movie-screen sunset, you’d be forgiven for thinking the rain was over for a while. You’d be forgiven for forgetting that this is Oregon in autumn. This morning, it’s raining almost comically hard. Like if I step out of the tent I’ll see camera crews with a giant firehose, adding Oregon […]

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Churning The Ocean Of Jakarta

14,966 km so far. Not even a full minute after we stepped into Bliss For Wellness this morning, the rain started bucketing down. In LA, this kind of storm would mean that yoga students would stay home and the class would be empty. In Jakarta, most of the students had already arrived, and more poured […]

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13,357 km so far. This morning, I was on the brink of staying in Sihanoukville for one more day. The food we had last night was so delicious, and the sleep I had last night was so lousy, that I couldn’t quite bear the thought of leaving. I knew my legs would be heavy for […]

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Do You Wanna Get High?

8,008 km so far. Shanghai used to be a city of long alleys lined with low townhouses called shikumen, each rising only two or three stories. These days though, architecture in Shanghai is all about looking up. Waaaay up. Since we’re currently staying on the 21st floor of an apartment building, I thought it would […]

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There’s Cold In Them Thar Hills

7,055 km so far. Our hotel in Mianyang provided our first free breakfast outside of Beijing. Green beans with chillies, some sort of nutty bean with garlic, a noodle and seaweed salad, a selection of runny bland porridges, delicious almond and sesame seed cookies, and sunflower seed bread. There were lots of dumplings to choose […]

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Get The Balance Right

5568 km so far. Balance is the key to successful cycle touring. There’s the obvious kind of balance, of course. When you get that right, you can move swiftly forward at 25 kph or so. When you get it wrong? Well, I have the scars to show what happens then. Then there’s that other kind […]

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Roam If You Want To

5033 km so far. When we started this trip in Rome more than four months ago, we had big plans for free camping. We wanted to pay for as little accommodation as was reasonable all the way to Russia. Part of what we wanted from this journey was to be adventurous, to save some money, […]

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It Never Rains, It Pours

2364 km so far. When we woke up this morning, the rain had stopped, but there was no sign the sun was ever going to come out. We packed up quickly, but by the time we’d got the soaking tent stored away, the rain had started again. We ate our breakfast of muesli and soy […]

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Our Fastest Ride So Far

Today we rode from Makarska, up the coast and around the outskirts of Split on our way to Trogir, a UNESCO city where we had heard there was an excellent (and open) campground. It was a long day. Ninety kilometres in total. Phew. It gives us a new appreciation for the people who ride a […]

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