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11 Travel Destinations I Can’t Wait To See Again

There’s one thing that almost everyone asks me about my recent travels. What was your favourite country? Obviously, I can never choose just one, so here are 11 travel destinations I can’t wait to see again. Croatia With an abundance of walled cities overlooking the stirring Adriatic coastline, the romance of Croatia continually calls to […]

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cycling europe

Unforgettable Days Cycling Europe, Part 1

Before we get started… Happy Birthday biggest big brother! We’re thinking about you today. Here’s wishing you all the best for the year to come. Today was a pretty insignificant day. We boxed some stuff for mailing, shopped for a few packing supplies, and walked around the neighbourhood. It got me to thinking how the […]

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Our Favourite Places: Slovenia

This is part 3 of our series on the best places we visited, from Rome to Russia. Find out what caught our fancies in Slovenia, a lovely but litte-visited country.  ♥ [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it!

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Slovenia vs Slovakia: International Smackdown

Welcome to the second round of our ill-advised pursuit of comparing different countries and figuring out which is best. This time it’s Slovenia vs Slovakia. Which country will reign supreme and which country will be left in the dust? Read on to enjoy the fun of… Slovenia vs Slovakia: International Smackdown Among the relatively few […]

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Hot Tubbing And People Watching

1646 km so far. It rained all night last night, and it was still coming down when we woke up this morning, so that made our should-we-stay-or-should-we-go decision much easier. There’s nothing better than a thermal spa to take the rainy day blues away. Before we could relax though, we spent a few hours at […]

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Heaps Good Day

1640 km so far. When we toured Human Fish Brewing a few days ago, brewmaster Matt suggested we go visit his expat friend and wine-maker Nick, who has a winery just off our route east through Slovenia. I emailed Nick and arranged to meet up and have a look around his winery, Heaps Good Wine […]

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Youth Art And The Young At Heart

1575 km so far. We had a slow morning this morning, visiting Ljubljana’s daily market for some fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh pasta, and snapping a few more photos of the plentiful graffiti in Ljubljana. We also made a quick coffee stop at Cacao. We had the most delicious pistachio cake there last night […]

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Day Tripper

1500 km so far. We are loving Ljubljana so much, we decided to spend one more night; we are not yet tired of great beer and great food. We don’t really go in for churches and museums, however, so we decided to take a day trip to Velika Planina, a plateau-ish area 1600 m up […]

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Human Fish Saves The Day

1435 km so far. I am sick of lager. And pilsner. I knew when we headed out on this trip I would end up drinking a lot of light (in colour and taste) beer, because we are in the land of light beer. While living in England for almost a decade I fell in love […]

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Going Underground

1380 km so far. Cave Life We are camping outside Postojna for two nights, which means we don’t have break camp this morning, and it means we get to ride our bikes without all our panniers today. This makes everything a bit easier. To make things harder, the forest our campground is in is snowing […]

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