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Island Rhythms

13,260 km so far. Even though being here on Koh Ta Kiev is far removed from our normal routine, it didn’t take long to develop a simple island rhythm of our own. Slow Dawn Our bungalow, The Crab Shack, is a stilt shack, raised about 5 feet off of the ground. It has 3 walls. […]

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Paradise Found

13,260 km so far. A decision has been made that affects you, dear reader. We have decided to spend two more days in paradise, which means another couple of days delay before we can upload blogs. Of course, by the time you read this, all of that will be moot. When we met the couple […]

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A Short Poem About Jellyfish and Kittens

13,260 km so far. The day trickled past. There were naps taken, meals eaten, books read, and one nasty jellyfish sting suffered by Stephen. Shots were drunk five at a time. But not by us. Then to bed in an open-air bungalow, the weak sea breeze like an anaemic kitten, licking our salty skin.  ♥ [hr] […]

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The All Knowing Trash Heap

13,260 km so far. There is a small mangrove just down the beach from our cabin. Walking past it you can see how important these natural barriers are to keeping the sea clean and the beaches white. Its roots are looped with twine, countless straws (every drink, even beer, is served with a straw in […]

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Just Relax

13,260 km so far. The tuk tuk pulls up in front of our hotel at 9:45am sharp. Being on Cambodia time, we’d expected it to be at least half an hour late, so the punctuality caught us by surprise. We quickly paid our bill, grabbed our stripped-down set of luggage, waved goodbye to our bikes […]

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