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Last Day On The Road

15,706 km so far. Maybe it was the terrible sleep we both had last night, with wild dreams caused by overly rich food too close to bedtime. Maybe it was the exhaustion from one too many tough rides in a row. Maybe it was the heightened aggression of the traffic. Maybe some planet was in […]

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Hell Is a Highway And We Are On It

15,134 km so far. Since the plan for today was to go 85 km on the highway, we kind of knew it would not be any fun. Right we were. Hey ho, it’s all part of the experience, and cycling on Java certainly is an experience. The highways across the island are not really highways […]

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Friday the 13th

14,958 km so far. Why was today so hard? I mean, it wasn’t actually hard, but it FELT that way. Stephen’s note: That’s what she said. First The Good We are staying in an amazing little place in Jakarta, which I highly recommend to anyone coming here. It’s called Tomang Residence. Like many guesthouses in […]

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13,992 km so far. Today was one of those days I think of as workhorse days. The equivalent in “normal” travel is spending the day on a stinky bus, or waiting at the airport for your flight. For cycle tourists, the workhorse day, at least in Thailand, involves a four-lane highway with big rumbling trucks […]

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Adjusting To Modern Life

11,301 km so far. Today’s ride was front-loaded with a 12 km climb. Normally I don’t like starting the morning off in such an undignified and sweaty manner, but today it was perfect. We got most of the agonizing work out of the way before the morning chill had worn off and the shade had […]

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Mizzly Drizzly Tasty Mistake: Cycle Touring in Vietnam

9,826 so far. Warning. There is a possibly not suitable for work and/or kids picture below. That just entices you more, doesn’t it? According to Stephen, last night I slept through a horrendous pounding rainstorm. This is the first real rain we’ve had since being in Shanghai, so I suppose it had to happen sometime. […]

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One Step Forward

I set goals. Sometimes they are small, sometimes they are goals I don’t expect to achieve for decades. Goal-setting helps me focus, find clarity, see the path, and walk the path. I am a strong supporter of telling people your goals. Facebook it, make a Tumblr page dedicated to your goal, tell your friends, tell […]

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