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Nowhere Fast

8,071 km so far. Today was one of those days when things go exactly as you had expected they would – and you totally had expected them to all go wrong. Our plan was to get up early, go to the railway station (that we’d travelled right across the city to get to last night), […]

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Helping Hands

8061 km so far. We are leaving Fine Yoga Retreat this morning and heading south. How far we will get and how/if we will manage to get our bikes on the train is anyone’s guess at this point. Uncomfortably Numb It was -1C/29F this morning as we were preparing to head out and start our […]

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Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

8,008 km so far. We are rolling the rails once again, heading back to “The Mainland”. It’s about 1,200 km from Hong Kong to Chibi, so we are in for a full day of travel. Between Guangzhou and Chibi there is a bullet train, so at least we don’t have to travel through the night, […]

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Hello Hong Kong

8,008 km so far. The train ride was mostly unpleasant, at times quite trying, and far too long. We now understand why every single person in Shanghai reacted with shocked surprise when we said we were planning on taking the train to Hong Kong. You really get exposed to the local flavour on the train, […]

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So Long Sumerian

After packing up our small apartment and checking out, we headed to Sumerian Coffee for one more visit. This has become our local, even though it always involves a metro ride and a half-kilometre walk. The atmosphere is great, the staff are always cheery and friendly, the two dogs that run around the cafe are […]

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Hitting The Highway

6,589 km so far. Back to the train station first thing this morning, fingers and toes crossed that we’ll find our bikes there, in good shape and ready to ride. Clueless Foreigners At the baggage office we handed our receipt to the woman behind the glass. She took a look at it and handed it […]

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