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Belly Of The Earth

15,385 km so far. Crossing the Tengger Caldera, which contains within its walls four newer volcano cones and the Sand Sea, felt like we were on another planet. The caldera is 10 km in diameter, and its base is covered entirely in black sand and ash that has been spit out by Bromo and the […]

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Saying Goodbye To Our Bikes

14,966 km so far. Our day began by doing something I am quite nervous about. We took our bikes to the train cargo depot in Northern Jakarta, handing them off to a shipping company, and now we have little to do but hope they will meet us in Yogyakarta. Not The River Of Babylon The […]

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Rocking The Rails

14,074 km so far. Oh how I love OPP. Yeah, you know me. Staying at our temporary home in Bangkok has been such a special treat, and one of the benefits has been OPP. Yup, I am talking about Other People’s Pools. The ability to jump into a clean, cooling pool whenever we want is […]

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Terrible Twos

6,491 km so far. We both wanted to be at the train station quite early this morning to look for our bikes, but we didn’t get to sleep until past 2:30am, so we slept in and then were slow getting going this morning. Since I have little faith that our bikes will be at the […]

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Finally Leaving Beijing

6,491 km so far. Yesterday, after much discussion and many phone calls, we booked our train tickets. According to the baggage office at the train station, we could only take our bikes by checking them in as baggage on the baggage car. This was no surprise as we’d read accounts of other cyclists doing the […]

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It’s All Yoga

5922 km so far. Yesterday I was offered a spot teaching yoga at the Copenhagen Yoga Festival on Saturday. This is a big deal for me. It is my first yoga festival, it is in a city I really want to teach in, and I would really like to take part in the fantastic event […]

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