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yoga for hikers

Yoga for Hikers: How to Recover Quickly After an Epic Trek

If you’re looking for a few easy yoga poses that will help your muscles recover quickly from hiking, trekking, or just too much walking, this Yoga for Hikers guide is for you! When our fellow hikers learn that I travel and teach yoga, they always ask what stretches to do after hiking. During our last […]

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best travel yoga mats

The Best Travel Yoga Mats for Your 2017 Adventures

Students are always asking me for advice on the best travel yoga mats. In truth, to keep my carry-on luggage small enough, I haven’t been carrying a travel yoga mat. This means that I’ve had the chance to try out a range of different yoga travel mats (and everyday yoga mats) as I move from […]

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adventure yoga live your adventure

Adventure Yoga: Can Yoga Really Help You Live Your Best Life?

I’ll admit, I get some pretty strange looks when I tell people I teach Adventure Yoga. To most people, at first glance, yoga seems to be the opposite of adventure. Yoga is where you go to escape the exciting/stressful twists and turns of your life, right? Sure, it can start out that way — but […]

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Should You Go On A Yoga Retreat?

Should you go on a yoga retreat? Yes, I know, it’s a modern question, only for those of us privileged enough to have the time and freedom to contemplate it. Here’s my attempt to help you find an answer. The first step is to ask yourself… When’s the last time you sat around doing nothing? […]

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adventure yoga online stephen ewashkiw

Learning to Fly: Adventure Yoga Online

UPDATE: You can now get 30 days of Yogaia for free. Just use this link to sign up! There are loads of Stephen’s classes on Yogaia now and plenty more to come: Here is a list of all of his live upcoming classes. Here is a list of all the recorded classes you can do. […]

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The Next Episode

15,775 km total. Even though we have spent almost one month in and around Ubud, barely cycling 70 km over four weeks, I have been putting off allowing myself to mentally declare our bike trip over. Now that I am on a plane, flying to Hong Kong without my bicycle, and without Jane, I guess […]

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Churning The Ocean Of Jakarta

14,966 km so far. Not even a full minute after we stepped into Bliss For Wellness this morning, the rain started bucketing down. In LA, this kind of storm would mean that yoga students would stay home and the class would be empty. In Jakarta, most of the students had already arrived, and more poured […]

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Yoga Every Damn Day

14,937 km so far. The title of this post refers to the hashtag #yogaeverydamnday “What is a hashtag?”, I hear many of you ask. Here is a brief description: a hashtag is a way for people to search for posts on a particular topic on social media sites. The pound sign (#) is added before […]

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Bad Tourist

14,311 km so far. My mornings are not the same without a great cup of coffee. Thankfully I have my Hario hand grinder, my Coffee Sock Co. Organic cotton coffee sock (filter), and my Melitta Ready Set Joe coffee brewer to make great coffee possible. The Perfect Hangout I have been absolutely loving searching out […]

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A Step Closer To Reality

13,818 km so far. It’s rare that I can think of nothing to say about a day – in fact, I’m not sure it’s ever happened before – but today I am filled with ennui. Scheduling Conflicts I think it’s partly being back in a country that we’ve been to before, partly that we weren’t […]

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