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Shots From Ubud

Our slow recovery from the depths of dengue has left the blog a little stale. Sorry about that. I hope these pictures of Ubud will help a little. Everywhere you look here, there is art. Folk art abounds. Nature is pretty striking here, too. As always, the people are fascinating, locals and tourists alike. Plus, […]

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Fever In, Fever Out

This final month of our trip, we had planned to explore Bali and its surrounds, to practice yoga daily, to cook delicious meals, to take photos and to write. We had planned to rest. Plans are just an invitation for the universe to fu** with you. Instead, we got dengue fever. Yep, we both got […]

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Balinese Zen

15,706 km so far. Getting around Bali is not a walk in the park. I had set up a meeting for this morning with the owners of Desa Seni, an eco-village resort (their name means Art Village), not 30 km from where we are staying. Because traffic can be crazy and the hills are steep […]

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It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

15,706 km so far. We are now officially off our bikes. Our journey isn’t over, and we may yet do some cycling on Bali, but we will be spending the next few weeks adjusting to a different pace of life and figuring out how to re-enter normal society. We’ve decided to keep writing until August […]

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Last Day On The Road

15,706 km so far. Maybe it was the terrible sleep we both had last night, with wild dreams caused by overly rich food too close to bedtime. Maybe it was the exhaustion from one too many tough rides in a row. Maybe it was the heightened aggression of the traffic. Maybe some planet was in […]

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