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The Best Food We Ate on Our 2-Year, 22-Country Bike Trip

As long-term travellers, we tend to hear the same questions from curious people. One of the most repeated questions was… What was the best food you ate on your trip? It’s a natural question. Food is more than just fuel for your body. It’s a cultural experience, it’s a learning experience, it’s an adventure. So […]

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Early To Rise

10,956 km so far. Today we continued to act like real cycle tourists. We got up early. Noooooo! Even on our rest day, our best option was to set the alarm for seven, so we could at least see some of Luang Prabang before the sun began to bake our brains into useless lumps of […]

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The Day We Go 10 Times Over Budget

10,197 km so far. It’s been almost 4,000 km since our bikes were looked at by a pro bike mechanic. Since our combined knowledge of bike mechanicry barely covers diddly and squat, it’s important that we let an expert get their hands dirty with our rides every once in a while. Spa For Bikes We’d […]

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Nowhere Fast

8,071 km so far. Today was one of those days when things go exactly as you had expected they would – and you totally had expected them to all go wrong. Our plan was to get up early, go to the railway station (that we’d travelled right across the city to get to last night), […]

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Goodbye Shanghai

Tomorrow we leave the city that we’ve been calling home for the last month, so today was all about saying goodbye to Shanghai. We spent most of the day hanging out and chatting with some of our new friends. It’s always fun to meet interesting and inquisitive people, who we can talk to for hours […]

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The Joy Of Cooking

8,008 km so far. One of the hardest things about our trip is not having access to a kitchen. Stephen and I both love to cook and we both love to be able to eat whatever we can dream up. Our Trangia camp kitchen made a good substitute while we were in Europe, and the […]

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Mmm. Meat.

7,150 km so far. After three weeks of riding through industrial zones, smog, rain, and dirt, it is laundry day! Almost every piece of clothing we have is now with the hostel’s laundry service, which is one of the luxuries we allow ourselves. It is quite nice to know that by the time we are […]

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Yoga Days Are Great Days

6,589 km so far. Today I taught yoga at YamaYoga in Xi’an. The first half of our day was all about yoga. To begin with, we went to the studio to practice. The studio has a few spaces on their schedule that are open practices, meaning there is no teacher, the room is just made […]

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Only Losers Take The Bus

As Stephen mentioned yesterday, we decided to take public transport yet again, this time to get to Xi’an. We knew we’d have to resort to bus or train at least once more to make our November 9 deadline in Shanghai, and we are hoping that the industrial smog-choked lands we avoided by taking the bus […]

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Bikes ‘n’ Bites

6447 km so far. We had a list of things we needed to take care of today before the weekend began. Jane is heading out on a solo bike trip, because a bunch of my friends are flying to Berlin on Friday for a bachelor party. After a busy morning of nothing in particular, which […]

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