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vegetarian food in hoi an

The Myths and Legends of Vegetarian Food in Hoi An, Vietnam

By the time I went on a tour of vegetarian food in Hoi An, I had been in Vietnam for almost three months and in Hoi An for a week. Even though I thought I had tried everything vegetarian that Hoi An had to offer, Kam from *Hoi An Food Tour introduced me to lots […]

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vegan restaurants in hoi an

Hoi An Vegan Restaurants: Your Guide to Vegan Food in Hoi An, Vietnam

I just finished writing a post about how Hue is the best city in Vietnam for vegans. But now that I’m writing this I realise that Hoi An vegan restaurants might be even better! The ancient town of Hoi An somehow manages to be charming and touristy at the same time. The pedestrianised streets are […]

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Berlin Budget Vegan: 10 Places to get Vegan Meals in Berlin for Less Than €10

In 2013, when we were last in Berlin, there were a couple of good places for a Berlin budget vegan food. Since then, the Berlin budget vegan scene has gone totally insane, in a good way. Don’t miss 10 things I love about Berlin (and 1 thing I hate) → There are signs for vegan […]

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Vegetarian In Kuala Lumpur

14,937 km so far. One of our favourite things about Malaysia is how easy it’s been as vegetarians. With substantial populations of both Hindu vegetarians and Chinese Buddhists, who, unlike most Buddhists in China, actually follow Buddha’s teaching to “first, do no harm”, we’ve had no problem getting fed. Chalk one up for religion. On […]

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In The RAW

14,937 km so far. Since we are now in Kuala Lumpur we have been doing what we do every time we get to a city: chores. We had managed to get a load of laundry done already so didn’t have to worry about that today, but we are behind on the blog, editing photos, workshop […]

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Thai Food Blues

11,830 km so far. Sometimes being a vegetarian on the road is a pain in the ass. There, I said it. Not everything about not eating meat is wonderful and sunshiny all the time (almost everything though). In Thailand, especially, we’ve been finding it hard to get fed. Before I tell you more about Thai […]

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Another Day In Chiang Mai

11,306 km so far. We had planned to leave Chiang Mai today, but with so much organising still left to do for our trip between here and Cambodia, we decided we needed another 24 hours. We took care of the important things first, like having another breakfast at Blue Diamond, ensuring that we sampled a […]

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Ways To Beat The Heat

11,106 km so far. People in Southeast Asia have changed their behaviour to work around the extreme heat that permeates life here. As newly arrived visitors, we are starting to adjust our own routines to, if not beat, at least manage, the heat. Sun Rise And Shine As you know, we have started getting up […]

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One Man’s Meat

10,187 km so far. It seems as though the prevailing weather in northern Vietnam in February is cloudy with a chance of mizzle. Another ho hum morning’s ride then, adding a new layer of filth to the bikes we just scrubbed clean less than a week ago, not to mention a lovely mud-splash pattern all […]

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Eating Vegetarian In China

Jane dishes on how to be a vegetarian in China. Spoiler alert: it’s not as hard as you think! [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it!

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