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The Best Food We Ate on Our 2-Year, 22-Country Bike Trip

As long-term travellers, we tend to hear the same questions from curious people. One of the most repeated questions was… What was the best food you ate on your trip? It’s a natural question. Food is more than just fuel for your body. It’s a cultural experience, it’s a learning experience, it’s an adventure. So […]

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Balinese Zen

15,706 km so far. Getting around Bali is not a walk in the park. I had set up a meeting for this morning with the owners of Desa Seni, an eco-village resort (their name means Art Village), not 30 km from where we are staying. Because traffic can be crazy and the hills are steep […]

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Heading Inland

14,415 km so far. It’s about time we see a part of Malaysia that isn’t an island, so we are headed inland. To get off Penang we cycled over to the ferry dock, and rode onto an old-school car and passenger ferry. Since most people also arrive on the island via this ferry, they only […]

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Ways To Beat The Heat

11,106 km so far. People in Southeast Asia have changed their behaviour to work around the extreme heat that permeates life here. As newly arrived visitors, we are starting to adjust our own routines to, if not beat, at least manage, the heat. Sun Rise And Shine As you know, we have started getting up […]

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All Of The Lights

8332 km so far. Our plan for this leg of the trip is to take it relatively easy and not push ourselves to do frequent 100 km days. It is tiring enough riding in China, without overtaxing our daily energy allowance by riding too far. Today we knew we had a short ride, which left […]

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Nowhere Fast

8,071 km so far. Today was one of those days when things go exactly as you had expected they would – and you totally had expected them to all go wrong. Our plan was to get up early, go to the railway station (that we’d travelled right across the city to get to last night), […]

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Surviving the Street Food in China

Too scared to eat street food? Jane’s new post on Huffington Post will help you stay safe and get fed, and fed well.

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It’s A Lot Like Christmas

Happy merry joy love and peace, everyone. We’ll be posting this a few days late, so we hope you all had a lovely Christmas day with family or you just managed to take a little time for yourself. Weird For The Holidays Even though the halls are all decked out in Christmas cheer here, it’s […]

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Goodbye Shanghai

Tomorrow we leave the city that we’ve been calling home for the last month, so today was all about saying goodbye to Shanghai. We spent most of the day hanging out and chatting with some of our new friends. It’s always fun to meet interesting and inquisitive people, who we can talk to for hours […]

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Eating Vegetarian In China

Jane dishes on how to be a vegetarian in China. Spoiler alert: it’s not as hard as you think! [hr] Did you like this post? Please share it!

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