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Hanoi Vegetarian Food: The Complete Guide for Vegetarians Visiting Hanoi

You would think that in a city where fresh tofu, noodles, and every green herb under the sun abounds, finding Hanoi vegetarian food would be a snap. But when I first got to Hanoi, I was frustrated and disappointed at almost every meal. It was just so hard to find good, inexpensive vegetarian food in […]

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Vegetarian In Kuala Lumpur

14,937 km so far. One of our favourite things about Malaysia is how easy it’s been as vegetarians. With substantial populations of both Hindu vegetarians and Chinese Buddhists, who, unlike most Buddhists in China, actually follow Buddha’s teaching to “first, do no harm”, we’ve had no problem getting fed. Chalk one up for religion. On […]

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Heading Inland

14,415 km so far. It’s about time we see a part of Malaysia that isn’t an island, so we are headed inland. To get off Penang we cycled over to the ferry dock, and rode onto an old-school car and passenger ferry. Since most people also arrive on the island via this ferry, they only […]

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The Big Market

12,585 km so far. The one problem with getting up early to go cycling is that, even on our days off, I can’t sleep in. I have been awake since 5:30, so to avoid waking Stephen, I slip quietly out of the room. There is a local market just a few minutes from our hotel, […]

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Thai Food Blues

11,830 km so far. Sometimes being a vegetarian on the road is a pain in the ass. There, I said it. Not everything about not eating meat is wonderful and sunshiny all the time (almost everything though). In Thailand, especially, we’ve been finding it hard to get fed. Before I tell you more about Thai […]

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If I Could Talk To The Animals

11,564 km so far. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that, being hippie yogi animal lovers, one of our favourite ways to pass the time as we roll along country roads is to talk to the animals. We know we can’t really have a chat with them, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. […]

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The Day We Go 10 Times Over Budget

10,197 km so far. It’s been almost 4,000 km since our bikes were looked at by a pro bike mechanic. Since our combined knowledge of bike mechanicry barely covers diddly and squat, it’s important that we let an expert get their hands dirty with our rides every once in a while. Spa For Bikes We’d […]

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One Man’s Meat

10,187 km so far. It seems as though the prevailing weather in northern Vietnam in February is cloudy with a chance of mizzle. Another ho hum morning’s ride then, adding a new layer of filth to the bikes we just scrubbed clean less than a week ago, not to mention a lovely mud-splash pattern all […]

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It’s Not All Drug Dealers And Graffiti You Know

Since we’ve been in Berlin, our mornings have been almost indistinguishable. We wake up late and then sit in bed reading, working, and drinking various caffeinated beverages. When we first got here, these mornings would stretch until 10 o’clock or so. As the days have worn on, and the sun has made fewer and fewer […]

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Vorsprung Durch Technik, You Know

6447 km so far. These days we are hanging out in Berlin, visiting friends, organising our plans for the next leg of our adventure. This is a preamble to warn you that our blog posts over the next couple of weeks might not be as adventure-filled as they have been of late. Today we met […]

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