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Roam If You Want To

5033 km so far. When we started this trip in Rome more than four months ago, we had big plans for free camping. We wanted to pay for as little accommodation as was reasonable all the way to Russia. Part of what we wanted from this journey was to be adventurous, to save some money, […]

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Island Hopping On The Finnish Archipelago

4926 km so far. When we first researched travelling from Helsinki to Stockholm, we looked at taking the ferry. However, the price was exorbitant, partly because we would have had to pay for a cabin for four people even though we are only two. This led us to start looking for other options. Local Knowledge […]

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Cross Country

4771 km so far. Our wild camping spot turned out to be perfect. No one bothered us all night, and we weren’t woken by anyone in the morning yelling at us to leave. Finland has a brilliant law which allows anyone to camp anywhere, as long as it isn’t marked no trespassing, or near a […]

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Wild Camp

2618 km so far. I was dreaming about our friend James shooting a music video in the warehouse Stephen and I lived in (?!) when Stephen shook me awake. I fumbled with my earplugs so I could hear what he was saying. My heart was pounding. Someone must be out there, or he wouldn’t be […]

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Bystrica, You Bastard

2537 km so far. We left the beautiful, mountainside town of Banská Stiavnica this morning, and I was a bit sad to leave it so quickly. It has a quirky vibe and seems to have good people living there, helping make it more than just a UNESCO World Heritage site, but also a living, breathing, […]

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The Bumpy Road Less Travelled

We awoke to another perfect day of baby blue skies undisturbed by clouds, temperate temperature, and Croatian hospitality. Our plan was vague, but involved scouring ferry schedules, asking questions at the various ferry offices, getting off Korčula, and heading towards Dubrovnik – possibly via Mljet, Šipan or Orebić on the Peljesač peninsula that lies just […]

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