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Back, Back, And Forth

One year ago today, Stephen gave me the best birthday present ever, rescuing me from the absolute lowest point of our trip, by securing us a place on a tourist cruise ship down the Yangtze. Two years ago, I was obsessively getting ready for our bike trip, and worrying about the environmental impact of all […]

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It Feels Like Years Since It’s Been Here

7,731 km so far. Finally, after three weeks without sunshine, it returned. There, above the not-so-thick layer of dullness was the sun! I thought it had abandoned us, and was unsure what we had done to hurt its feelings, but it’s back. We spent most of the day riding in t-shirts and shorts, enjoying the […]

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Terra Firma

7,603 km so far. Last night, just after remarking to Stephen how glad I was that we had nothing special to get up for the next morning, we got today’s schedule. Breakfast at 6:45am, leave for a tour of the Three Gorges Dam at 7:45am. Damn dam. Superstructure Feeling not-so-well rested, we boarded a tour […]

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Cruise Control

7,593 km so far. I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of water rushing past my head. In the fog of being half awake, half asleep, I was confused. And then I remembered. I’m on a boat. I never thought I’d be on a cruise ship. My grandmother took many […]

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Shipping Out

7,593 km so far. It was not a good morning. I woke early and lay in bed, pretending that I could fall back asleep. I didn’t want to get up, I didn’t want to get on my bike, I didn’t want to do anything. Cycling in China is not what we’d hoped it would be. […]

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Man Vs. Nature

7,590 km so far. Our ride from Fuling to Fengdu today took us right through the clouds. As we rode alongside the Yangtze, we could barely tell it was there, let alone make out the opposite shore, only 400 m away. The damp air made the road slick with a layer of red mud that […]

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Into The Mist

7,451 km so far. Chongqing is a very hilly city full of overpasses, tunnels, and one-way streets. It seems to be built on an endless number of small peaks, and to get anywhere in the city you have to climb several leg-burning slopes. We had a long slow climb up and over a particular nasty, […]

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