Trip Planning Map

*Note: This is the trip planning map for our cycling trip in 2013 and 2014. If you want to find out more about our trip, you can read about the various places we went on our Destinations page.

Planning our trip

When we first started planning our route, we tried out all kinds of online bike routing tools, like Map My Ride, Bike, and Bike Route Toaster. Any of these would have worked out well for a short tour, where you wanted to plan where you would start and end up every day.

For a long tour, it would be crazy to do that. For a start, it would take months to work out all the details, check all the elevations, figure out what kind of road conditions each day had in store… come to think of it, it might be completely impossible.

Never having toured before, we have no idea how far we’ll want to ride every day, whether we’ll prefer cities, villages, or national parks, or how many rest days we’ll want to take.

So, instead of creating a route map, Jane got a stack of travel books from the library. Side note: libraries are amazing! Then she scanned each one for points of interest. We already know we get bored of museums and castles and churches, so our points of interest run more towards charming villages and areas of stunning natural beauty.

We added each point to the map with a little note briefly describing the location.

Ideally, on our trip, we’ll be able to look at the map every few days, pick a point, and ride towards it. Of course, we’re not planning on hitting every spot on this map. We need to leave something for the next trip.

You Can Help!

Have you been to stunning locations, eaten awesome meals, or stayed at cool little pensions in any of the countries we’re visiting? Maybe you know someone who lives there and would want to provide a warm bed for two weary travellers?

Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you!
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