Stephen is the whole package!

– Teresa Kuan, Author & Yoga Student, Hong Kong

Are you ready for your adventure?

Hey, I’m Stephen. I teach inspiring, exciting, sweaty, challenging, educational, yoga workshops around the world. My goal is to give you the courage and clarity so you can start living your OWN adventures.

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“Stephen’s playful exuberance lifts the spirits of everyone.”

– Noah Mazé, Yoga Teacher Trainer

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Latest Inspiration

Enough Crying on Facebook. It’s Time to Get to Work.

I admit it. I have been wallowing in the echo chamber of my own Facebook feed since last week’s election results. The grief, anger, and shock has spread far beyond my friends in America—this level of disbelief knows no borders. Collectively, we’ve blazed through the first four stages of grief—denial, anger, bargaining, and depression—in record […]

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find your first yoga job

How to Find Your First Yoga Job — 11 Tips for New Teachers

How the heck are you supposed to find a yoga job when you’ve just graduated from your 200-hour yoga teacher training? What have you got to offer? Who would hire a brand new yoga teacher anyway? Trust me, we have all asked these questions (and still do from time to time). Well first, congrats on […]

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yoga can help you combat fear

5 Powerful Ways Yoga Helps You Combat Fear

It might sound weird to say that you can combat fear with yoga. (Especially if you think yoga is just stretching and breathing.) But, back when Jane and I started going to yoga workshops and yoga trainings and I started working with students on a regular basis… We noticed something amazing. At the end of […]

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quotes about fear to make you braver

7 Smart Quotes About Fear That Will Make You Braver

Why are there so many famous quotes about fear out there? Because fear is a constant in our lives. From the time we struggle out of the womb until the time we crawl into bed for the last time, fear is always there, holding our hands — and holding us back. I’ve spent much of […]

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adventure life

The 5-Step Guide to Getting You Unstuck…

You want to see the world… You want to be in charge of your OWN life… Above all, you can’t stand the thought of doing the very same thing, in the very same place, with the very same people for the rest of your life… Get the 5 Steps to the Adventure of Your Life […]

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