The Best Travel Yoga Mats for Your 2017 Adventures

Stephen picks the best travel yoga mats available today

best travel yoga mats

Students are always asking me for advice on the best travel yoga mats. In truth, to keep my carry-on luggage small enough, I currently don’t carry a travel yoga mat. This means that I’ve had the chance to try out a range of different yoga mats (for travel and everyday use) as I move from studio to studio.

This year I’ve practiced on yoga mats from all of the major mat makers and plenty of minor ones too. For this post, I’ve selected six of the best travel yoga mats based on:

  • Environmental impact
  • Portability and durability
  • Mat stickiness and comfort

This guide will help you decide what to look for in a travel yoga mat and figure out which travel yoga mat is best for you. Though prices are shown in US dollars, these mats are available around the world.

FYI: This post contains affiliate links. It also contains my honest opinion of all the yoga mats listed!

Here are my picks of…

The best travel yoga mats for 2017

Skip forward to see my pick for the very best travel yoga mat available today.

Manduka’s Best Travel Yoga Mats

Manduka eKO SuperLiteicon, 0.9 kg, 1.5 mm, $42
Manduka eKO Liteicon, 2 kg, 4mm, $68-72

best travel yoga mats

Manduka eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat.

Enviromental impact. Manduka have been very open and communicative with me every time I’ve contacted them about their mats. Manduka CEO Sky Meltzer even phoned me once to discuss my concerns over the environmental impact of their yoga mats.

Since I first wrote about yoga mats a few years ago, Manduka has made improvements in their production line as a result of inquiries by customers like me. They now have zero-waste production for many of their mats, including the eKO Lite.

Both the Lite and the eKO SuperLite are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber and no toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Portability and durability. The eKO SuperLite is totally foldable and will fit snugly into your suitcase or backpack. The eKO Lite is a bit thicker and heavier, so provides more padding but is less portable. Manduka mats are famously durable, but don’t expect a lifetime guarantee for their travel mats like you get with their PRO yoga mats.

Mat stickiness and comfort. I do love practicing on the eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat. Yes, it’s very thin and light but it provides really good grip on the floor and for your hands and feet. There is no padding to speak of which means that you’ll feel very connected to the floor. On the other hand, if your knees or spine need extra padding, you won’t get it from this mat (or any travel yoga mat).

Bonus tip: I had two students using the eKO SuperLite recently in Hamburg and both of them turned their mat over to use the bottom as the top. They said they find the mats slides around on the floor if it’s the “right way” up. Good tip!

US & Canada: Buy the Manduka eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat in the US & Canadaicon
EU: Buy the Manduka eKO SuperLite travel yoga mat in Europeicon

JadeYoga’s Best Travel Yoga Mats

JadeYoga Voyager, 0.7 kg, 1.5 mm, $40
JadeYoga Travel Mat, 1.4 kg, 3 mm, $60

best yoga mats for travel

The JadeYoga Voyager travel yoga mat folds easily.

Enviromental impact. JadeYoga invented environmentally friendly yoga mats, so they have a lot of experience in the industry. Jade mats are made sustainably with natural rubber and they do not contain PVC, EVA, heavy metals, or synthetic rubber. Their mats are made in the US and Jade also plants a tree for every mat sold, so that’s a pretty cool bonus.

Portability and durability. My very first mat was a Jade mat and though I loved it, it started to stretch and slide pretty quickly – within a year it was completely worn out. Judging from online reviews, Jade has improved the durability of their mats since then and people are able to use them for several years without much sign of wear.

The Voyager folds up to about the size of a yoga block, so it’s super easy to pack in a suitcase. The company recommends the Voyager for travel use only because its portability reduces the durability. If you want something a little more durable, but still portable, the Jade Travel Mat might be a better option.

Mat stickiness and comfort. I have tried the Voyageur and I really like it. It feels similar to the Manduka eKO SuperLite but the Jade Voyager weighs a couple of hundred grams less. Again, like all travel yoga mats, you won’t get any padding out of the Jade Voyager.

Buy the JadeYoga Voyager yoga mat for your travels

lululemon athletica’s Best Travel Yoga Mats

lululemon Reversible (Un)Mat, 0.9 kg, 1.6 mm, $48

best yoga mats for travel

The lululemon (Un)Mat is light and portable.

Enviromental impact. During my research, I found lululemon the least forthcoming about their environmental practices. While all the other companies answered all of my questions, I never got a reply from lululemon about their yoga mats. Their website also has less information about their environmental impact than the other yoga mat makers.

Lululemon uses polyurethane and latex in their mats and they don’t give much more information than that – which of course makes us wonder what they’re not saying.

Portability and durability. The (Un)Mat is light and easily rollable. It will also fold but isn’t necessarily designed to do so, so you’ll get creases if you carry it this way. The mat seems almost indestructable, so you won’t need to replace it for years. However, it also means the mat will stick around in landfill long after we’re gone.

Mat stickiness and comfort. Before we left LA, I was regularly practicing on the (Un)Mat. This is basically the top layer of their regular mat, so it’s got the same sweat-absorbing features, is incredibly sticky (especially when wet) and has anti-bacterial properties.

Jane’s note: I also practiced on the (Un)Mat for a few years and though I loved the thin and lightweight design (less padding meant I couldn’t be sloppy with my alignment) I found that after a while it lost its stickiness. The lululemon mats seem to be designed for hot yoga or really sweaty people – if you don’t sweat much you might find yourself slipping around like I did.

Buy the lululemon Reversible Un(Mat) travel yoga mat

Liforme’s Best Travel Yoga Mats

Liforme Travel Mat, 1.6 kg, 2.0 mm, $115

best travel yoga mats

Liforme’s Travel Mat is unique and very environmentally friendly.

Enviromental impact. Before launching their yoga mat onto the world, Liforme did years of research into environmental best practices, putting together close partnerships with local manufacturers and creating one of the best, most environmentally conscious, and technologically advanced yoga mats on the market.

Liforme manufactures in a no-waste process, which I love. Plus, their raw materials are environmentally sourced and there is no PVC in sight. Their mats are made of natural rubber and eco-polyurethane that is biodegradable in normal landfills.

So if you want to start a new tradition — maybe host a ceremonial full-moon mat burial in your local park? — you’re good to go with this mat! But I jest.

Biodegradability is a serious issue as Liforme founder James Armitage explained to me:

“The main thing is the biodegradability of the mat and the issues with certain other mats. For me, this is the single biggest ‘ethical con’ out there. Those very heavy duty PVC materials, apart from being potentially harmful, take far too long to degrade when they end up (as they inevitably will) in landfills. Those materials can take thousands of years to degrade (and they’re not doing any good for the soil/earth during the process).”

Portability and durability. Liforme’s Travel Mat is about the same size and weight as the Jade Travel Mat and the Manduka eKO Lite – so it’s not quite as light and packable as I’d like. But if you’re not a full-time travelling yoga teacher like me, Liforme’s Travel Mat is great for commuting and less frequent travel.

In terms of durability, here’s what Armitage has to say:

“We are proud of how durable the material is, even though they are clearly not meant to last a lifetime. That should be a selling point, not the other way round. [Once discarded,] all the materials we use in our Liforme mat will degrade within a few years in normal soil conditions.”

Mat stickiness and comfort. I really love the texture of Liforme’s mats, which provides stability and comfort without being overly sticky like some mats. The etched laser markings that offer alignment guidance are a brilliant feature and I can imagine that they might transform your practice.

Buy the Liforme Travel Mat

And the winner for best travel yoga mat for 2017 is…

JadeYoga Voyager Mat

If I was going to buy a light-weight mat today it would be the JadeYoga Voyager mat. It is all-natural, the lightest of the mats I have reviewed, and folds easily — perfect for my carry-on luggage. One of my teachers, who travels with the JadeYoga Voyager, recently told me that the best thing about it is that it just works.

It’s sticky, not stretchy, and offers a little padding. All the other features are just icing.

best travel yoga mats

I’d love to have JadeYoga’s Voyager yoga mat in my carry-on suitcase.

That being said, if Liforme released a super-light version of their travel mat this year, I would be very tempted to test it out!

Buy the JadeYoga Voyager yoga mat for your travels

What travel yoga mats have you tried? Have any recommendations that we missed here or any comments on the yoga mats we recommend? Add your comments below!

  Happy yoga adventures, Stephen

On our travels, we get the chance to try all of the best travel yoga mats available. Here's our guide so you can choose the best travel yoga mat for your needs. On our travels, we get the chance to try all of the best travel yoga mats available. Here's our guide so you can choose the best travel yoga mat for your needs.


  1. Comment by Erin

    Erin Reply May 10, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    LuLu is notoriously evasive about their ethical and environmental practices. There was an expose on faux fur items on the news when I was in the USA last year and they featured in that. So this is not surprising to me, apart from the other companies you mentioned here, their ethos seems to be more in line with high street shops and less in line with environmentally conscious yogis than the others. I happen to love my Manduka ekoLite for portability and stickiness!

    • Comment by Jane

      Jane May 11, 2017 at 5:37 am

      I agree. I do not like lululemon’s vagueness on the topic. They’re Canadian and should know better! I’ve practiced on that Manduka and really liked it too. – Jane

    • Comment by Stephen

      Stephen May 11, 2017 at 5:47 am

      Glad you love your ekoLite! You’ve not had any problems with it being slippery on certain floors? Maybe it has to do with the ultra-thinness of the SuperLite, But, I guess if you ever do, just try flipping it over… #yogahack

    • Comment by Erin

      Erin May 11, 2017 at 5:50 am

      No, I haven’t had those problems before – great to know if it happens though! If I’m using it I’m either in a hotel (with carpet) or in a studio and covering up a mat of uncertain cleanliness.

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