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Hi, we’re Stephen & Jane!

We used to have it all… a gorgeous house, two cars, and great jobs that paid well. There was just one problem. We weren’t happy.

So we traded it all in for two bicycles, a couple of yoga mats, and a trip around the world. That journey helped us discover who we really are and uncover the keys to our own happiness. Read our story

Do you want to explore the world and delve deep into your own heart?

At My Five Acres, we focus on the intersection between adventure, travel, and yoga. We believe in taking mindful journeys, moving respectfully through our world, and travelling as sustainably as we can.

We’re here to help as you embark on your next mindful journey.

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What the heck does My Five Acres mean?

There’s a finite amount of land on Earth. If you divided it equally between all people alive today, we’d each get about 5 acres to satisfy all our needs: food, water, shelter, iPhones… It sounds like a lot, until you discover that a typical Western lifestyle uses the equivalent of 15–25 acres!

The name My Five Acres is a reminder to tread lightly, wherever you go.

Transformational Travel Guides

We’ve been to more than 50 countries in our 20 years of travel, but we specialize in Southeast Asia. We keep returning to Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam — we’ve spent almost 2 years total travelling these three countries. So we have tons of great tips to share!

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