November 2011


Fresh Pesto

Latest Green News: November 30

Here’s your weekly round-up of the latest green news, in all its depressing glory. Actually, I only wanted to spit nails a couple of times this week, so chalk this one up to a win for the environment. Latest Green News That Made Me Want To Spit Big food and big media joined together this […]

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Vegan Cupcakes

Should I Become A Vegan? 5 Secrets Only Vegans Know

When I was a vegetarian, I spent a lot of time wondering “should I become a vegan?” I read up on the subject and talked to my vegan friends until I thought I knew all there was to know. Finally, I decided to go for it. Turns out, you don’t know what you don’t know. […]

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A frying pan full of tasty food

Vegan Weekend: Stuff In A Pan

Leftover turkey is the highlight of the holidays for a lot of people. Just this morning my (now vegan) husband was getting all nostalgic over turkey sandwiches of his youth. All I remember from Thanksgivings of yore is everyone at home getting So. Sick. Of turkey. I guess other people feel that way, too, since […]

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Shopping Mall

Shop Green By Not Shopping At All

Ahhh, The Friday After Thanksgiving, the day that everyone in the US is thinking about one thing: shopping. The day that more than 200 million of us will spend about $50 billion on sales that are “too good to pass up” or stuff we “can’t live without”. And this is a good thing, right? The […]

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The Grand Canyon

Green News for November 23

These are the green news stories that caught my eye this week. Wanted to Punch Someone Did you hear the one about the mega-corporation stepping in at the last minute to quash a ban on plastic water bottles in America’s most treasured natural environment? The NYT reports that Coca-Cola prevented a plastic bottle ban from […]

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No Climbing

How To Take Action

Trying to figure out how to be a little greener or live a little better can be mind-boggling at times. For every action you decide to take, there is an argument to be made for NOT taking that action. Want to switch from paper coffee cups to a travel mug? Is it really better, considering […]

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Vietnamese Noodle Bowl

Vegan Weekend: Vietnamese Noodle Bowl

I went to Vietnam a couple of years ago with my mom and my sister. Their lives don’t completely revolve around food the way mine does (something I will never understand). There was no hunting for great hole-in-the-wall joints or going miles out of our way to find the only vegetarian restaurant in town. I […]

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tiny house

Green News Links for November 16

My picks of the best and worst green news of the week in one handy post. Accompanied by lots of slant and a large helping of rant. Made Me Want to Punch Someone Good reports that Burger King launched a barfy campaign to kids, pretending to “give back” to the environment. Their whopper of a […]

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Reusable Drink Containers

11 Quick Actions (You Can Do Today) To Save The World

Psst. Whatcha doing right now? Wasting some time surfin’ the net, huh? Wanna spend a few minutes like a superhero, saving the world? You do? Awesome! Start by scanning the 11 simple actions below. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the ones you’ve already done. Now, think about the ones you haven’t […]

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A Lazy Guy Sleeping

The Lazy Guy’s Guide to Going Green

I know we green freaks have a reputation as non-stop powerhouses of energetic do-goodness. If we see a piece of trash we’ll sprint across a five-lane highway to pick it up and scold the litterbug while we’re at it. If we hear a tap dripping, we’ll immediately get out our toolboxes and set about making […]

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